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How to remove/mute "motivational" messages from Strava


Since a few weeks ago Strava is at it again with pushing "features" down your throat. Now among the notifications for an activity I have to read Strava's stupid "motivational" messages (you're doing great, keep at it, da da da). Anyone can help me get rid of those?




Moderator Moderator


Thanks to everyone who has commented and provided feedback.  The testing phase is completed and these notifications are now in production. 

While this cannot be completely disabled, you do have the ability to disable the push notification. Push notifications are "pushed" to your mobile device when the Strava app is either closed or running in the background.

This can be turned off by going to:

You Tab
Settings (top right)
Push Notifications
Un-toggling Device Activity Synced

The push notification settings do not affect the in-app notifications you receive in the mobile app or on the Strava website. 

Again, we appreciate the feedback and it has been passed along to the Team.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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Mt. Kenya

I don't like that I don't know what activity is uploaded when I see this puppy-sweety notification - is it run, swim, gym or bike? As a triathlete is anoying for me. Before I could see what kind of activity was uploaded and because of some device errors I could easy fix problems. Now I have to check everything directly in Strava. But I think that was the reason of this new notification - to open Strava app and waste more time there.

Mt. Kenya

At a minimum give users option to disable it entirely both from push notifications and notifications in STRAVA app, so it's not commingled with actual kudos/comments from other users.

It's a useless spam.

Mt. Kenya

I have left Strava after 11 years and moved to Ride with GPS. I have canceled my paid subscription and am now on the free version so while my friends still on Strava and see my rides. I have disabled all notification, and removed access to all apps.  Ow when I ride, I post on RGPS, then RGPS will update my friends on Strava. 

Mt. Kenya

Wow! How can somebody (here - Strava) be so stubborn and deaf to their customers' feedback? The "motivational" notifications are insulting, useless and distracting. Please make them optional or just get rid of them altogether - nobody will miss them.


Since a November 2023 Strava is at it again with pushing "features" down your throat. Now among the notifications for an activity I have to read Strava's stupid "motivational" messages (you're doing great, keep at it, da da da). Anyone can help me get rid of those?

There is a topic already with 625 thumbs up regarding this issue, with a useless "solution" to disable notifications all together.

Obviously strava team doesn't read or care about topics with "solution" provided, regardless how many "thumb up" it received, so it forces us to get their attention by starting new topics for the same issue. 

Yes I second that!

It’s incredibly disappointing that despite over three months and numerous complaints (100+) about the KUDOS notifications, there’s been no resolution. This feature should have been addressed promptly. We need a concrete update on when this issue will finally be resolved. It’s time for Strava to prioritize the user experience and provide a solution to this ongoing frustration.

Mt. Kenya

Please stop the motivation kudos. Everyone who reads this. Please start a new comment, thread, and let us flood them with request to change this feature to being optional!

With the last update of the Strava app, I now get Kudos from Strava. Not from followers, but from STRAVA! "Way to go, T...", "Kudos to you, T...". Why?

And, apparently this feature cannot be disabled. It's not even an option in the push notifications within the app. I don't want to see this junk.


The motivational messages are utter crap and you should let user to turn them off completely. Who even requested such a silly feature?