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How to remove/mute "motivational" messages from Strava


Since a few weeks ago Strava is at it again with pushing "features" down your throat. Now among the notifications for an activity I have to read Strava's stupid "motivational" messages (you're doing great, keep at it, da da da). Anyone can help me get rid of those?




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Thanks to everyone who has commented and provided feedback.  The testing phase is completed and these notifications are now in production. 

While this cannot be completely disabled, you do have the ability to disable the push notification. Push notifications are "pushed" to your mobile device when the Strava app is either closed or running in the background.

This can be turned off by going to:

You Tab
Settings (top right)
Push Notifications
Un-toggling Device Activity Synced

The push notification settings do not affect the in-app notifications you receive in the mobile app or on the Strava website. 

Again, we appreciate the feedback and it has been passed along to the Team.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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The motivational messages are utter crap and you should let user to turn them off completely. Who even requested such a silly feature?

Former Member
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Stil get the kudos from Strava itself. Very annoying. Problem was issued last year but stil not fixed!!

Mt. Kenya

Turn this crap off. Wow, you went for a 900 meter dog stroll. You're so freaking amazing. My whole day is amazing now. 

Doesn't that just make you feel so motivated? Nothing like pathetic pats on the back


I canceled my subscription today with a note: "Motivational" notifications after uploading an activity.

Too bad, I'd been a subscriber since 2015 but I'm not going to pay money to have Strava can push out childish notifications like these with no user control.

I'm with you, and many others. I have been a subscriber since 2013 (with a 2 yr hiatus due to Strava ignoring paying customers on a very similar topic - they were forcing us to see the activities of everyone we followed each time we uploaded a new activity, instead of letting us immediately check OUR activity and browse for the rest if we felt like).

I just canceled my subscription with this message:

Hate "Motivational" notifications after uploading an activity. Many PAYING customers are asking you to AT LEAST give us the option to turn off this FEATURE but you keep ignoring us. I'm not going to pay to be annoyed every time I upload an activity.

I'm fed up. This time I'm going to re-work how I get the same features I was using here through a combination of other apps that I've tried and I use on and off.

They left us no choice when they ignored our complaint. Only way to get people's attention is through the wallet. My theory is that they saw the meteoric rise of Peloton and wanted a piece of that, somehow. What they fail to remember is that this once-great platform is about athletes and the athletes they follow. Cheerleaders have no place where athletes are already so motivated that they are looking only for more time to ride. Strava has really blown it. Cheers, taa022! Have a great season. 

Mt. Kenya

Omg. These are so annoying and awful. 

Strava please please please remove:

- motivational messages

- missing health data messages. Please STOP!!

Mt. Kenya

Messages saying things like 'wow' or 'amazing' when I've completed an activity seem a bit over the top. I did a run. Probably slower than most, but the app thinks I need a trumpet fanfare. My last run involved climbing 40m over a 5km distance, but apparently I'm some kind of superhero.

I'm an adult. I don't need this kind of language. If anything, it's demotivating.

It's useful to have a notification, but when a bot pretends to be my biggest fan, it seems a bit ridiculous.

Any chance of Strava toning things down, do you think?

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