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Ride route on run heatmaps

Mt. Kenya

A route designed for riding, when opening on the IOS app, is shown on a the heat map of runners. This creates confusion when wanting to deviate from said route, as you may turn into a path that is walkable but not rideable. Any idea what I am doing wrong or is this a bug?

Note: I both run and ride and switch between making routes for both often. However, cycle routes are always shown on running heatmaps.


Moderator Moderator

Hello @HeHo 

Thanks for posting about this.  This is a known issue and it has been escalated to our Engineering Team for investigation.  I'm sorry, I don't currently have an estimated time of resolution, so we ask for your patience while we work on getting this solved.

Thanks again for your post and for being part of the Strava Community.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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