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Improve upvoting of ideas


Perhaps this could be implemented with "Essential" and "Nice to have" buttons?  This idea is actually being raised as a a way to show upvoting in the current form may not necessarily work.  One that is incredibly frustrating to many users outside of the USA is

My view is that unit flexibility will never gain enough votes on the current system to be implemented as it is not wanted by most US users whom I suspect form a high percentage of the user database.  

This post is actually intended to highlight the request for more unit flexibility to the Strava implementation team, I believe the desire for unit flexibility had been requested on a previous system.  This was asked of the STRAVA Community Hub Team within the thread but has never been answered, leading me to believe no one at Strava actually reads the responses and solely rely on votes received.  If the responses were read it would be clear that the frustration this units issue causes is immense to users outside of the USA.



@2old2rr - Really, Strava doesn't even look at the votes.  This whole forum is a farce.  They just created it to try to appease their users and make us feel like they are listening.  I have yet to see a single piece of evidence that they take ANYTHING in these forums as idea/suggestions for improving the platform.  Votes mean absolutely nothing as evidenced over and over with simple to apply ideas that have tons of votes getting completely ignored and other things being implemented with no support at all.  Additionally, the mods have even come on here and stated that they will just archive anything that isn't already in their long-term plans.  

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