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Sport activity

To include sports as an activity! Currently having to use ‘run’ but due to the nature of the sport it isn’t really a constant run. I’d recommend the standard sports so Hockey/Field hockey, football, rugby etc

Resolved! Can we have more sports in Clubs

It would be great to be able to select more sports for Clubs. In addition to run/swim/bike, our group paddles a lot, flat and white water. It would be nice to be able to 1- plan for example kayak activities int eh club, 2-have the kayak activities co...

Resolved! Weekly/Monthly Time Spent in Heart Rate Zones

In Strava subscription, I can see how to view time-in-HR-zones for each activity, individually. I have also looked at the Fitness and Freshness charts. What I cannot figure out is how to simply see what percentage of time weekly and monthly I spend i...

marbienk by Mt. Kenya
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Help with GET /activities/{id}

Hi all, Wondering if there is any help on what I might be doing wrong, I am building an app and have implemented the OAuth with the following scopes when i user signs in and adds the app. The scopes are read, activity:read, activity:read_all and acti...


Buongiorno. Mi piacerebbe avere una legenda di come sono segnate le strade per poter creare dei percorsi più precisi che non trovo sull'app. (Strade asfaltate... sterrate... sentieri... ) Chi può aiutarmi? Grazie.

Bianco by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! How to remove/mute "motivational" messages from Strava

Since a few weeks ago Strava is at it again with pushing "features" down your throat. Now among the notifications for an activity I have to read Strava's stupid "motivational" messages (you're doing great, keep at it, da da da). Anyone can help me ge...

pssaenz by Shkhara
  • 92 replies
  • 693 kudos

Add our app on App listing

Hello,We have completed the Strava integration in our app: CycleGo (www.cyclego.app). It's an indoor cycling app to do home workout following a virtual cyclist.What should we do to include it in this list? https://www.strava.com/apps/indoorThank you!

jarv-sp by Mont Blanc
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Resolved! Apple Multisport activities showing up as 1 activity

I completed a Bike and Run multisport activity using the apple fitness app. After uploading to Strava it is shown as one continuous activity. I know other smart watches upload as separate activities and would be nice if it was the same with apple fit...

Swheeler by Mt. Kenya
  • 3 replies
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