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Tag Others in Activity photos

I know we can currently 'add others' to an activity, and I also know that we 'group' with others - but it would be great if we could tag others in photos we upload.  There has been at least one occasion (while on a run), where I ran into somebody I k...

I am getting old and want to reset my PRs

Hi,Let's face the facts: I am getting older. This year has been a very tough year seeing me going thru a rough patch. So bad I had to hang up my bike for months not knowing when I'll be back on wheels, and even if I'd be able to do so. Anyways now I ...

KOM for Masters or Seniors for riders over the age of 60 or 65 years

I think it will be a great feature if you create a title like KOM for people older than 55 , 60 or 65 years. This will push the battle for Koms for best agers. It will be great motivation to reach the Seniors crown for riders over approximatly 60 yea...

Axel by Shkhara
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Countdown to 2023 - Week 2! ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ“ฃ

Hello Community Hub    Wow, we are already in the second week of December and marching towards the half mark - what a busy week in the Community Hub with all the talks about comfort and discomfort, introductions of new members, and some chats arou...

Week 2 final (1).png
Lola by Moderator
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Recovery Motivation - How do you get there?

I have a feeling that I'm not alone here, but maybe some of you all have ideas on how to improve in this area.  I have a hard time taking a day off, or even having a recovery day.  I know that I should do more recovery and rest days, I know that I sh...

Part 1: a Tour Divide Adventure

Questioning my life choicesSharp snow covered Rocky Mountains south of Banff, Canada about 40 miles into the 2022 Tour Divide bikepacking race. How did I find myself waking up in a cave in Montana? Or frantically seeking shelter from an electrical st...

sharprockies.jpg varia-start.jpg side-by-side-by-side.jpg cavebike.jpg

Different data on total kilometers

I just noticed in my profile that today I made the 6,000 km in the year. BOOM!! When I switched to the dashboard view, I noticed that my annual goal only shows 5,948 km. What is true now? (Sorry for the German screenshots)

cylinder_0-1670416106720.png cylinder_2-1670416176899.png
cy-linder by Pico de Orizaba
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Please let me hide certain activities

I hate my Strava feed in winter times. It's cluttered with weird sports and all these Zwift/whatever-rides or commutes.I really don't want to see them. And after fall it's allmost all you see, and I dont look through my feed anymore.It is absolutely ...

NikZ by Mont Blanc
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Rearranging photos results in duplication

It's great that uploaded activity photos in Strava web can now be rearranged. Problem is, each time I drag one photo and drop to another location, a duplicate of that photo appears. I end up having to select the duplicate photo and delete it, repeat ...

JS by Shkhara
  • 4 replies
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