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Mute as Default option

Allow users to set in their profile "Mute By Default". This is a privacy setting, users may not wish to "flood" their friends or groups feeds with activities, even if they wish to record these activities for their own record. Additionally, Mute shoul...

CaniCross, CaniBike and CaniScoot

Hi Strava and the Strava Community. This may have happened to you, you have put your best effort in to gain a KOM or QOM only to find that you are second, but second to someone who was assisted in some way. We all know how E-Bikes now have their own ...

Simon by Shkhara
  • 22 replies
  • 17 kudos

Account Access Series, Part 1: Log In

Hello! My name is Geode and I am a member of Strava’s Community Management team specializing in account access inquiries. So, let me just say it… Login and account issues are frustrating! But, I have tools and I am here to help. Let’s work together t...

Geode_11-1673291446612.png Geode_12-1673291446595.png Geode_13-1673291446595.png Geode_14-1673291446614.png
Geode by Strava
  • 1 replies
  • 7 kudos

Dark Mode !!

It's 2022 and most apps have Dark Mode nowadays. It might be a bit weird to use Strava when not working out... But looking at the segments the night before to plan out the next run is a thing. Please make us literally lose less sleep when doing this,...

marcb by Shkhara
  • 63 replies
  • 373 kudos

Strava iOS integration

Hi, can anyone guide me about Strava integration in iOS mobile application? I am facing some difficulties while trying to authenticate the user with strava. I tried the sample code but didn't get desired results with it.

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