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Resolved! Pixel Watch 2

When I use Strava on my Pixel watch 2, even though the watch is set to be "always on", the screen goes black after about 3 seconds and I can only view my activity stats as I run, by pressing the crown of the watch, which then goes black again after 3...

SW17 by Mt. Kenya
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Can't select hike for default sport

So I created my account and I selected some sport including bicycle, hike and running.But when I try to change my default sport for hiking, it isn't visible in the dropdown, there is only cycling and running visible. Any help will be appreciated

eli-ott by Mont Blanc
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Create Club Challenges

I'm start to being a strava suscriber thinking about that this was integrated... but it doesn't so hope this can be a new feature soon... Create challenges by the club, not by the person. Other things that would be nice: allow to join only members of...

Manage multiple wheelsets in Strava Gear

Strava lets you set up multiple bikes so that you can easily track the mileage accumulated on components, but there isn’t a solution for the scenario where you have one bike, and multiple wheelsets. For example, when you have a gravel bike with 700c,...


Resolved! strava oauth approval_prompt

Hello, I have a problem with strava authentication. When the user logs in for the first time everything goes well. However, during subsequent connections it still requires authorization to connect to the Strava account instead of directly connecting ...

✓ Athlete-to-Athlete Direct Communication.

Reposted here at request of Soren from Stava, thank you.   I’d like the opportunity to communicate privately and directly with fellow Strava athletes e.g. gear and route questions, co-training opportunities, etc.; things that are too detailed for the...

Issue with Strava Webview for external links

Hi,I created a Strava plugin and am facing a severe issue related to open external links.The Strava Webview has some limitations that make the user experience very bad.Main issue: The scrolling behavior has a severe problem, especially scrolling down...

Adding the Ukrainian language to the application

Please add Ukrainian to the app. At least for basic functions. After the outbreak of the war, the issue of language became very important for Ukrainians. Many Ukrainians have switched to their native language, and they would be very grateful to use U...

Ihor by Shkhara
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