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Sorting of Gear

Can you please implement a feature to sort shoes/gear alphabetically in the iOS app? They currently display in a totally random order. 

Fake Age by under 19 bike rider

There is bike rider who posts on my segments as 75+ ages. In fact he is under 19 and might be under 16 years. I asked him to correct his age but he replied that it messes up his heart rate info. Can i have him flagged or somehow get him into the righ...

jpn81 by Mont Blanc
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Separate segment times for different bikes

As Strava usefully records distances per bike (under Profile), this feature could be maximised by enabling segment times to be selected (differentiated) on bike (type) used. I have a road bike have also used a touring bike which means that if I have ...

Add a slider to select distance for automated routes

I usually use the automated routes feature and I like it. But it would be nice, if the filtering criteria would be more refined. For cycling I can choose the following kilometers: 2, 10, 20, 30, 50, 80, 120, 160. Why these steps? If I would like to g...

Bennus by Mont Blanc
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Edit 3D Map for feeds

I recently did a tour north of the alps. I love the 3D map feature but it would be great, if we could adjust it. Right now it seems to be alligned to north so nobody can see the beautiful mountain skyline south of my tour.

Bennus by Mont Blanc
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Add option to duplicate waypoints in Routes

Time and time again I have found myself editing existing routes to include bypasses or additional points of interest, and one thing that has always bugged me is that I am always limited by the original waypoints placed to create the route.For instanc...

Jhow62 by Mt. Kenya
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Dog activity tracking

My partner and I like taking our dog out for a run. As both of us are Strava users, we've decided to create a Strava profile for the dog to track its activity (so we don't overtrain the poor thing!). So now each time we run with it, we add it to our ...

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