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API : filter athlete activity by type

Hi everyone,I’m working on a little dashboard to do some stats on my « bicycle to work » activities (i.e. global distance, fuel not used, etc) and I was wondering if there is a way to add a parameter to the getLoggedInAthleteActivities request so it ...

Webhook on gear update

Given a user that has more than one gear for a specific sport, when an activity is registered through an external app (i.e. Garmin Conect), it will be imported with the default one, which makes the user update the gear field with the correct one.For ...

Unable to register push subscription

Bad request when registering a push subscription.I checked output of my url and get the 200 with correct response within miliseconds.Could this be because my api is accessible over ipv6 only? ( no ipv4 available.. ) Cheers

Napche by Mt. Kenya
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Using the "explore segments" function

I'm using Python to return the "explore segments" query and would like to know how the top-10 segments are chosen.For example, in the Developers Playground it says that the GET explore segments, "returns the top 10 segments matching a specified query...

Resolved! Get activity by id 404

Hey, I have started working with Strava API and on the beginning I have problem. I authenticate from my app using scope: read_all,profile:read_all,activity:read_all, I can get all my activities but when I'm trying to get one I have 404. I use http ge...

Club Activity and suggestions

Hello everyone,I am the president of the exercise science club at Chatham University and we are trying to mix things up this year with our events. I would really like to be able to host group challenges for the club to get students active and partici...

Resolved! Total amount of activities

I'm trying to grab my total amount of activities via Strava API. I see that this<athlete id>/statsProvides some stats like all_ride_totals, all_run_totals and all_swim_totals but I don't see the total amount of ac...

Screen Shot 2023-05-27 at 9.22.58 PM.png

Bad Request on refresh token

I have a Raspberry Pi with an e-ink display that shows my latest cycling stats: kilometers per year, month and a calculated projected total of kilometers for the entire year. Every hour the totals are updated. It has worked well for several months. S...

Resolved! Filter club activities by date

Hello, I'm using the getClubActivities endpoint to keep a tally of individual rides in my club. I would like to limit the response to a certain date, or at least to a certain week (i.e. this week). Is there a way to do this? Getting the date of the a...

How to upload an activity with heartrate or power data?

I have heartrate data from indoor cycling sessions ( no gps data ) and I want my app to be able to upload the session once it's finished to strava.I have been able to create an activity with only the average heartrate, but i have not been able to do ...

mklr by Mt. Kenya
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