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Need a help

I want to use strava api in my website using django rest .  But as a beginner I don't have any idea how to do it. Can anyone please give me idea how can I implement. Also please give all technical requirement for using strava api

gauri by Mt. Kenya
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how long does a refresh token last?

I'm storing the refresh token for my session in a database and updating it everytime I update the access token. But the other day, my application was down for 60 hours and I was surprised to see that the refresh token still worked.How long does it la...

someguy by Mt. Kenya
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How do I increase athlete limit?

Hello!I recently developed an app using the Strava API in my app.However, I have come to the realization that the app is limited to only one athlete. I am now wondering how I can expand these limitations to my cu...

douglac by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! A new web app for listing races

Hello there!I have created a new simple web app that provides a simple list of a athletes races. I am posting here to see if anyone would like to help in testing the app and suggest improvements, but also I was wondering how I should let Strava know ...

crm86 by Shkhara
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Increase the Number of Athletes allowed to connect

I am creating an application to track club members' activities. How can I increase connection member limit.Following is my application information:- Client ID: 121981- Overall Rate Limits: 200 requests every 15 minutes, 2,000 daily- Read Rate Limits:...

nhavo by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Problem while posting activity

Hello colleagues,This is my first post here. In fact it's my first time ever when I reach to any community for help. So please have mercy  I tried to learn how to make API calls. I wanted to make call to Strava to fill my feed with dummy activity. Bu...

Oddball by Mt. Kenya
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Challenge problem

Is there currently an api that provides a list of challenges near the user? I want to take the challenges and display them on my mobile app

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