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Club Activities has no ID

HII have a Club that does specific rides. The are not club events. We have a virtual route every day that members can ride within a date range. The times are then tallied after all the stages are done to get a winner. Problem is Strava get the entire...

'oauth/token' endpoint not working

I am following the steps of the getting started guide: am on step 11, attempting to make an authentication request in Postman, equivalent to the one shown in the guide. When I make the reques...

Screenshot 2024-07-12 at 11.11.22 PM.png

Client id keeps on changing

Recently my api was approved by strava. Post that when I click My API Application in Setting, my client id changes ****80 or ****79.When 79 all my limits gets reset to default and when the id is 80, I get the allowance provided.Any idea?

Number of athletes allowed to connect

Hi team.I has a problem Number of athletes allowed to connect to my app.  Currently Number of athletes allowed to connect are 1. Can you exten number of athletes allowed to connect?this is My client ID: 124032

Can increase athlete limit from 999 to 200k ?

Hi Strava team, We have  the 999 Athlete limit and have tried contacting support to request to increase it 200k but we didnt get any update for almost 1month now.Is there a separate contact form or method to get this number increased?Thanks.

API Limit increase

Dear Team,Please let me know how to increase the API limit, we are trying to use the strava API for one of the Corporate company, where there are around 500000 employees, who will be using strava application for day to day activities.Waiting for you ...

Resolved! Private app for ten people - is it possible?

HelloI want to create app for me and my friends - around 10 people.We want to share out activities within this app but it will be only for our private usage. We want to scale some results within different types of activities and create ranking who ma...

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