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Missing docs in DetailsSegmentEffort docs are missing information:1. On what the `achievements` property is. Clearly a collection of entities, but the entity objects are completely undocumented.2. On wha...

Missing docs for photos

There are not any docs for accessing photos. If we get a detailed activity through `/activities/{id}` we will get back a `photos` property that indicates:1. The location of the primary photo2. The number of photos uploaded to the activityBut there is...

wrong year API

Dear strava {ResourceState:3 Athlete:{ID:40513047 ResourceState:1} Name:Morning Ride Distance:6109.8 MovingTime:1139 ElapsedTime:1503 TotalElevationGain:2.6 Type:Ride SportType:Ride WorkoutType:0 ID:9918401317 ExternalID:Morning_Ride.gpx UploadID:106...

vrace by Mt. Kenya
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Update to the Webhooks API

Hi there,It seems like there is a lot of discussions about the webhook API and it seems to be kind of going nowhere.Strava wants to enforce fewer API Calls, but doesn't really make an easy way of going about that, when the webhooks are this limited.I...

Official strava list for UNIQUE_DEVICE_NAME

Hi everyone,As mentioned here in the documentation Device Mapping, strava maintains an official UNIQUE_DEVICE_NAME list for each wearable device.Where can we find this list?especially for Xiaomi: Xiaomi...

Problems with upload gpx file API

i have a  problemi call this services to upload a file activity gpxcurl --location '' \--header 'Authorization: Bearer ...' \--form 'activity_type="Ride"' \--form 'name="Test Walk"' \--form 'description="Test walk...

Resolved! Slide labs demo not working trying to slide a simple line entered at the above, I get:>  Server ErrorBackground info: 

TomHale by Shkhara
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access to Live Segments API

Hello,in the first line of the following link it is mentioned that:"Strava Live Segments is an API that allows users to compare their real time effort with Strava segment efforts on the...

problem when upload GPX file activity

hello!My name is Tobias and I have an app for cyclists in which I am implementing a functionality in which users can upload activities in GPX format to their account. I am testing the api service and I am having an error that I cannot remove. Accordi...

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