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Activities returning with laps removed

Mt. Kenya

I've noticed that activities returned by the Get Activities endpoint have short laps removed. This also appears when viewing the activity on Strava itself, suggesting Strava may be applying some sort of processing.

For context, I keep autolap (1mi) on my watch when running on a track. If autolap beeps before I cross the line, I hit the lap button again as I cross the line, then add the two times for the full mile time. My app ( implements the same logic, and Strava's removal of these short laps is causing inaccuracies as a result. 

I've attached two screenshots, one from Strava and the other from Garmin, showing the differences.


Splits from StravaSplits from Strava


Splits from GarminSplits from Garmin

Furthermore, the "reconciliation" laps are at the same pace as the prior lap, and are at a speed which is clearly not standing/walking, so it's not obvious why they are removed in the first place.

Has anyone else noticed this, or found a way to get the full, unprocessed lap data?