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Let's Talk Turkey Trots!

If you like community events and live in the United States, there’s a good chance that you have participated in a Turkey Trot. As the name suggests, the Turkey Trot is derived from one of the most common foods served at Thanksgiving dinner, the turke...

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Scout by Moderator
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Resolved! subscription offer

Hello , greetings from Portugal.How to offer a subs to a friend or even to a group of friends ? Thanks for the help in advance

NunOX by Shkhara
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Getting Started with Strava: Tracking Activities

New to Strava?  Welcome!  Our mission is to help people live their best active life. Our Getting Started with Strava series is designed to help you get the most of your Strava membership and Subscription. In this article, we’ll provide a high level o...

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Jane by Moderator
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Hello from Seattle

Been bicycling with Strava for the Summer outdoor season, now I'm focusing on indoor winter training with a KickR, Zwift and Strava,   And liking many of the features on Strava.

DArends by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Subscriptions

I'm missing my favourite features .. what happened Strava? Over 10 years full featured paying member and all of a sudden I can't compare my results with other cyclists in my age category. Why did I not get a notification of this change. At least I co...

henkrek by Mt. Kenya
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Hi from Minnesota!

Hi there everyone. I can't believe I've been using Strava since 2011 and I never joined the Community till now!I live in Minnesota and participate in a number of endurance sports. For cycling categories, I do fat tire (studded tires for fear free win...

Why We Love E-bikes on Strava

Hello Everyone. I’m Jane, I work at Strava, and I love e-bikes!  Today we’re going to talk about why e-bikes are so great, the best way to use Strava with an e-bike, and lastly, chat with Mona and Erika, both Strava employees and e-bike enthusiasts....

EbikeCover.jpeg Ebike_rides_by_country.png Ebike_big_ben.jpg MTN_ebike.jpeg
Jane by Moderator
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Resolved! Android app created routes not showing

Since a couple of weeks the routes I created do not show up in the android app anymore. When I navigate to Maps, routes, saved routes I constantly get the error message: Strava server does not respond, try again later. Since I see no other reports on...

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