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Introducing Tuesday Chat with Team Strava!

Hello Community Members, We’re excited to announce that starting next week, Tuesday October 4th, we’ll be starting a weekly series:  Tuesday Chat with Team Strava. Tune in every Tuesday for interesting and fun topics, some trivia questions, and a cha...

Jane by Strava
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Location based challenge?

Does Strava have any sort of location based challenge? Example: a local hiking area has 30 "peaks" and we have a Facebook group tracking a group of people as they hit them. But it would be great if Strava had a feature where we could track them. It w...

Park rangers tracking Strava?

A friend of mine received a ticket from the town for riding a small section of trail that is apparently off limits to bikes. He rode very early in the morning and encountered no one. When he called the town to ask why he was ticketed they told him th...

Strava Routes on Suunto and COROS Devices

Maybe you’ve got some extra time this weekend to explore a new part of time, perhaps you're visiting family in a new city, or you could be traveling for work and want to explore. Routes give you the freedom to utilize segments and global heatmaps or ...

erikaceae_0-1663959361558.jpeg erikaceae_1-1663959361929.gif erikaceae_2-1663959361567.jpeg coros routes.jpg

What's the longest activity you've ever done?

This is it, your opportunity to brag about that loooong hike, grueling ride that left you sore for days, or 6 hour rowing activity that made your shoulders scream. What has your longest activity been? Illustration by Brendan Leonard (@semi_rad)Share ...

Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 2.13.20 PM.png Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 2.13.20 PM.png
Soren by Community Manager
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Community Hub Just Hit a Milestone!

Hello everyone     Since the Community Hub started its journey, in the last two months we have seen: 1,412 posts57,723 page views1,758 kudos given   This Monday, we hit another milestone. Around 3.30 am PT, our Community Hub got its 1000th member - w...

Strava Community Hub (2).png
Lola by Moderator
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Never have I ever...

Tried (fill in the blank) sport! What's a sport you've always wanted to try?  Risk is my middle name, I'm a big adrenaline junkie and am constantly on the lookout for a greater challenge. Most people don't like trying new things because they hate bei...

Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 2.15.35 PM.png Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 2.15.35 PM.png
Soren by Community Manager
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Unsafe Routes

I used the Routes feature in search of a new, ~60 mile spin around DC. One of the suggested courses took me to a busy, non bike-friendly intersection just off the capitol beltway in Northern Virginia (pics att.) . I would never consider riding this s...

pduffydc by Mt. Kenya
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Enduro e-bike

Are there boards on Strava to post if anyone is interested in renting out an enduro e-bike? I have 2, (medium frames) YTs available. Perhaps you've wanted to try one out before purchase of are traveling and want to get a ride in. 

LeahB by Mt. Kenya
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