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Resolved! Unwanted pictures in my Strava feed

Suddenly I'm getting lots of pictures in my feed from people I do not follow. Seems to be coming from clubs I am a member of. Almost exclusively pictures of bikes. Some days so many that it feels like real spam. Is there a way to filter these out or ...

KarlS by Shkhara
  • 43 replies
  • 83 kudos

Pause gear + components mileage

I like that I can add parts like wheel, chain etc. to my bike an get the kilometers I used them.As winter is coming I'll use my bike on a wheel on trainer (Tacix).Therefore I change the rear tire to a special one and the front tire for sure will not ...

Logi by Shkhara
  • 14 replies
  • 19 kudos

Set Default Units of Measurement (imperial/metric) by Activity Type

Most cyclists think in terms of kilometres. Most runners in the UK and US think in terms of miles. My thinking is with the most, so I have my Garmin set to display kilometres cycling and miles running. But Strava forces me to choose one or the other....

Paul_F by Shkhara
  • 9 replies
  • 11 kudos

Route planning and heat map filtering by bike type or tyre size

ProblemFiltering on route planning and heat map doesn’t allow for detailed understanding of the road types. DetailsRoute planning for a bike ride will currently allow you to filter by paved roads, unpaved etc but for a road cyclist just because it’s ...

Almond50 by Mont Blanc
  • 0 replies
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✓ Include Hiking/Walking/Snowshoeing in Elevation Challenges

Please consider making hiking/walking/snowshoeing activities eligible for elevation-gain challenges. Right now, wheelchair is included along with run, and since hiking/walking/snowshoeing are activities done on foot, it stands to reason that they sho...

zecanard by Pico de Orizaba
  • 9 replies
  • 7 kudos

Mute as Default option

Allow users to set in their profile "Mute By Default". This is a privacy setting, users may not wish to "flood" their friends or groups feeds with activities, even if they wish to record these activities for their own record. Additionally, Mute shoul...

File Upload - Rate limited

I'm trying to use file upload on the Upload and Sync Your Activities page. I have 400 activities to upload from TCX files, limited to 15 files at a time by the page. I can upload 30 files in 2 batches, and then I get an error: You've exceeded the max...

nekno by Mt. Kenya
  • 2 replies
  • 2 kudos

Resolved! Bluetooth cadence sensor pairing

Hello everyone, I have recently got myself a bluetooth cadence monitor for my bike. Is there an ETA of when I can expect the Strava app will be able to add this device to my account. I have connected heart monitor, but there isn't a cycling cadence o...

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