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Strava Employees Share Live Segment Stories

  Do you like to challenge yourself by competing with yourself, Strava friends, or complete strangers? Want to be notified when you're approaching a segment? If so, check out the Strava Live Segments...


Route Building and Mobile Photography in Patagonia

Summer (in the Northern hemisphere) is just around the corner which means warmer weather, vacations, traveling, and just more time outside. Does any of the following pique your interest?    PatagoniaC...


Don't quit your fitness journey! My top tips

How many times before have you given up on your newly found fitness journey? Sometimes it didn’t last more than a few weeks, or even days. We are close to the end of May (!), which means a lot of peo...


The Ultimate Guide to Strava Beacon

Want to let your loved one know where you are when you go out for a solo activity? Exploring a new route and don’t want friends or family to worry? If so, check out Strava Beacon...our live location s...


To The Peaks & Beyond: Mount Stanley

Rising to a height of 5,109 meters, Mount Stanley is the highest mountain in the Rwenzori Range of East Africa. This majestic peak has long been a fascination for mountaineers and adventure enthusiast...


Recording All The Things

I’m one of those people. One of those guys that records everything, as in everything. Partially because of my role on our Community Management Team, where testing is invaluable.  One time I even recor...


Introducing Strava’s Updated Developer Program

More than 10 years ago, I joined Strava to help bolster the app’s core functionality, such as mobile GPS recording (still new at the time) and much more. As we grew, my role evolved as we shifted our...


Part 3: A Tour Divide Adventure

Estimated Reading Time: 15 mins  The final installment of the Tour Divide series features a personal story of the journey home.  I took this photo on July 3rd, 2022 of the memorial wrapping around Rob...


Using Relative Effort to Analyze your Efforts on Strava

Did you know, you can use Strava's Relative Effort feature to analyze your efforts and intensity trends over time?  If you are a Strava Subscriber and collect heart rate data for your activities, you ...


The Joy of the Everyday Athlete

Growing up, I was more of a “hanging out in the art studio” versus “picked first in gym class” type of kid. I found intramural sports intimidating and brewery 5k's not to be worth it. Four years ago, ...


Learning a New Sport When You're Older

Do you ever see other people trying new sports and you think to yourself any of the following: How do they make it look so easy?I wish I started that sport when I was youngerI definitely would hurt my...


Why We Love E-bikes on Strava

Hello Everyone. I’m Jane, I work at Strava, and I love e-bikes!  Today we’re going to talk about why e-bikes are so great, the best way to use Strava with an e-bike, and lastly, chat with Mona and Er...


10 Ways to Get More Kudos

Let's be real for a minute, does anyone really need kudos? Probably not. If you clicked on this article, you probably want your efforts to be seen. Some of us like to keep our workouts private, but e...


Account Access Series, Part 2: Locate or Merge

Hello!  My name is Geode and I am a member of Strava’s Community Management team specializing in account access inquiries. This is the second of two parts of my Account Access series. In Account Acces...


Down Strava Challenges Memory Lane

Strava challenges, perhaps one of the most popular and long-standing features of the Strava product! When I first started working at Strava, challenges mainly consisted of cumulative challenges refer...


To The Peaks & Beyond: Pico Bolívar

***If you are wondering why are we talking about some of the world's most famous peaks - this is thanks to our Community member ranks! Every athlete in the community has a rank based on their contribu...