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On Strava, there are many social features that let you see how you stack up against the community. But did you know there are also many great ways to track your personal progress, like working towards a goal?

We want you to get kudos when you hit your goals – and we get that you might not want everyone to see the details. Or maybe you do? Either way, you can use your Privacy Controls to decide what works for you. We also think it’s important for you to know how your goals appear to followers and non-followers across the Strava ecosystem. Read on to learn more.

There are a large variety of goals you can set including:

Progress goals: 

  • Weekly, monthly, and annual goals: Set a minimum distance, time, or elevation to strive for on a weekly, monthly or annual basis for all sport types.

Performance goals: 

  • Segment goals: Set a time to aim for on one of your favorite segments.
  • Power goals: Set a minimum average power to try to maintain for a specified time interval, like 300 W for 30 seconds.

Who can see your goals and how much they can see will depend on the type of goal.


Understanding Privacy with Goals 

Progress (weekly/monthly/annual) goals are private

Only you can see your Progress goals. However, if you complete one of your goals, a banner will appear on the activity that completed the goal in the Feed, as well as on the activity page, to anyone that has access to your activity. You can use your Activity Visibility settings to control who can see your activity.




Performance goals like power goals and segment goals are visible to your followers.

On your profile page
Non-followers can see these goals when viewing your profile page if your profile page’s privacy control settings are set to “Everyone,” but not if your profile page’s privacy control settings are set to “Followers.” You can read more on your Profile Page Privacy Controls in our Help Center Article. And be sure to check out our article on approving/denying follow requests.

Your closest upcoming Performance goal will be the one that appears on your profile page. Only one performance goal will be shown here:



On the power and segment goal pages 

Your followers can see your goal if:

  • They create a goal on the same segment 
  • They create a power goal with the same time interval as you.

This is how Frank’s Segment Goal appears to a follower who creates a goal on the same segment:



This is how one of Frank’s Power Goals appears to a follower who creates a goal for the same time interval (30 seconds). You can find more information on how to manage who can see your profile here.



For more information on Goals, check out the following resources: 
Goals on the Strava Website
Goals on the Strava Mobile App 
Staying Motivated by Setting Goals


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