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You may know that your activity privacy controls are important, but have you considered how your profile appears in public spaces? How do you appear to those who don’t follow you?

On Strava, you have the option to set your profile’s privacy control to “Everyone” or “Followers.”  For those over the age of 18, your profile’s privacy control will be set to “Everyone” by default. Here are some key differences between “Everyone” and “Followers.”

Profile set to “Everyone”

  • Strava community members can follow you without any approval request being generated. 
  • *Your profile details will look similar when viewed by your followers and non-followers alike. 
  • A logged out version of your profile will be available on the internet.

Profile set to “Followers”

  • You must approve or deny Strava community members before they can follow you. You can find out more about managing your follow requests in our previous tip: How to approve or deny Strava follower requests.
  • Non-Followers who are logged in to Strava will be unable to see your full profile. 
  • A logged out version of your profile won’t be available on the internet.

*Your profile page displays information about you, such as your name, activities, followers, photos and stats. And in case you’re wondering about which activities will show up on your profile page when it’s set to “Everyone”—well, that’s determined by the activity’s privacy control. So for example, if it’s set to followers, then only your followers will be able to see it on your profile feed. 


How to update this setting:
Web: Settings > Privacy Controls > Profile Page > Choose Everyone or Followers
Mobile: You > Settings > Privacy Controls > Profile Page > Choose Everyone or Followers


















Check out what a profile set to "Everyone" and "Followers" looks like when viewed by a non-follower













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