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Strava should enable gift subscriptions again states:"For the time being, we have removed the option to gift a subscription to an athlete. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patien...

Resolved! Route creation problem

For the first time in several weeks I tried to create a route a few days ago on my iMac using Chrome and some way into the creation of the route it’s like the webpage refreshed and cleared the entire page, it was completely blank. The only thing show...

Venix by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Biggest Climb in My Stats

I noticed the biggest climb is missing from my stats. I remember it used to be there but now there is no value, just a blank field. Any ideas?

robpa by Mt. Kenya
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Weekly Mileage Total Removed for Free Accounts

I noticed when uploading today that my weekly bicycle mileage is no longer available for my free account. I now have to keep track by hand or by looking at my bike club link to see what the mileage is. The feature has been replaced with the following...

Screenshot 2023-09-27 115425.png

Resolved! apple watch ultra action button

I recently purchased an apple watch ultra and i was hoping that i could map activity starts to the action button, if possible this would be a super appreciated feature!

Benjamin by Mt. Kenya
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Zou leuk zijn voor alle Framerunners dat is ze dit ook goed kunnen registreren via Strava.     

Tinus by Mt. Kenya
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Activity privacy

Not really a question, but a Suggestion: We already have the option to favorite different followers of ours. Why just don’t make one more option regarding activity privacy that shows “favorites only”. With that meaning that just a handful of people, ...

LilBoat by Shkhara
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Resolved! Benefits of marking a ride "commute"?

I've been marking rides to and from work as commutes pretty diligently, but I see from various reports on the site that commutes can be hidden, which makes me think maybe they aren't meant to be treated as significant exercise? I ride as hard on comm...

heaths by Mt. Kenya
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