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Default Activity When I Go To Record

Greetings! It is not easy to find where to post or where to get help. Hopefully someone has some guidance. I use Strava for cycling probably 95% of the time but one time I went hiking about 3 months ago and decided to record it. Now whenever I open t...

iiszach by Mt. Kenya
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Club issue - unheard-of riders appearing

I have recently noticed an influx of previously unheard-of riders who have appeared in the Club I ride with.  I am not the administrator of the Club, but I thought I would ask the question anyway - "how has this happened, have any other clubs come ac...

PEP by Mt. Kenya
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HELP Map Visibility Issues - Past Activities

I recently adjusted my map visibility preferences to hide the start and end points within 200 m of my home address (which would include all past activities).  At least that is what the app said it was going to do.  Instead, it hid the entire map for ...

Resolved! Switch routes private-flag

Hi, is there a possibility to switch all stored routes from private to public? Does anyone now how to do. To edit a route and switch while store the changes is well known, but not possible for more than 250 routes.

Leaderboard confusion ?

A little while ago Strava added the classification of "CR" for bike leaderboards (and presumably for other Activity types) in addition to KOM and QOM.  So we have CR for the fastest ever performance, KOM for fastest male and QOM for fastest female.  ...

Ian by Pico de Orizaba
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How do I see Mile Markers On App Map?

Hi - i'm a new convert from Nike Run App and one thing I liked about that service was that I could see mile markers on the map (in the app) of the run I just did.  I can see how to get mile segment info overlayed on the map via the Strava website.......