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Resolved! Club challenges

I have my own personal account and created a club for my hockey club (on my account). How do I create challenges on the club? I only have the option to create events but we want to create challenges in order to see who ran the most and who completed ...

Resolved! Group Challenges User Interface

Hi, in the recent past (Winter 2022) group challenges would show the individual contributions of participants working together towards a goal. That was highly encouraging to members because it showed the work they put in to the collective goal.Now fo...

Resolved! Ideas regarding redeeming challenge rewards

In Germany it is not possible to get products from „the feed“ so it would be better not to offer the challenge from „the feed“  because I made this challenge and tried it out to get the reward. But it wasn’t possible. Somethings couldn’t generally no...

Stephi by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Why do I only see certain Challenges in my feed?

All those challenges, lets use the strava challenges as examples..... I used to see them all in my feed the minute they came out, I also used to see when everybody else had joined a challenge. Now if i want to join a challenge, I have to go and look ...

Resolved! creating my own challenge

I am about to celebrate 60 YO, and want to create a challenge for myself (1963km in 60 days) is it possible to create such a challenge on Strava where the app counts my km within the time frame?  Thank you all 

Jonrind by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Smartwool Active Challenge

I love Smartwool and was excited to complete this challenge, thanks Strava!

mlehane by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! challenges

I created a challenge for my cross country team it is scheduled to start in 2 weeks. I was able to see it under my joined challenges when I made it but now am unable to fine it. where did it go?  

Erroneous Challenge Leaderboards

Could  I also flag up a (possible) issue with the challenge leaderboards? Some of the challenges seem to have implausible achievements that do not tally with profile data. For example, in the February run climb challenge there are several athletes wi...

mercerkg by Pico de Orizaba
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