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[KNOWN ISSUE] Problems creating Routes

UPDATE FROM STRAVA: We're aware of a technical issue that may impact some Athletes who are trying to create longer routes. Sincere apologies for this issue.  Our Team is working on a fix, and we will update this thread when we have more information. ...

Wurfy by Shkhara
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Resolved! Strava routes

I like to cycle alone quite a bit and try to utilise the routes there anyway to amend the distance? I hate it jumps from 30 to 50 to 80 and no in between.Also it only shows 3 routes, is there anyway to get more recommendations on the app a...

Gooey86 by Mt. Kenya
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Segment Popularity Threshold

1. Given that segments populate the map based on the number of users who have "starred" it, what is the threshold value in order for a segment to show up?2. Also, why is this not based on the number of activities recorded along the segment over X num...

Resolved! Strava route suggestions not working now

My app seems to have updated recently and now the Strava route suggestions is not working.It will not come up with any routes when I ask for hills, hard efforts, off road etc from my location even though it used to have dozens of suggested routes.If ...

Resolved! Feature Request: My Routes Folder System

Aloha from Hawaii! I am a passionate Strava route creator and would love to see a private file system added to the “My Routes” feature of Strava web and mobile. It would simply all subfolders in “My Routes” and allow you to name and assign routes bui...

Resolved! Manual mode routing in-between waypoints?

Hello, the Strava map editor is getting better and better. Good work!Still one thing that grinds my gears. Can you please add the possibility to use the "Manual mode", (ie. no routing) in-between waypoints? As it is now the feature it only seems to w...

knixen by Mt. Kenya
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