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New problems in route creation

It appears there have been some recent changes in routing that have started causing problems for me.Here's one example: can see that instead of simply going straight at the light and crossing the ro...

dantsai by Pico de Orizaba
  • 29 replies
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Resolved! Creating new route on mobile app

Hi I used to create new route on Strava mobile app. But it seems it’s no longer possible. When I go to my profiles / routes, existing routes are displayed, but I can’t find how to create a new one.  I’m using the last app version 309.0.0, and my subs...

Pierre73 by Mt. Kenya
  • 8 replies
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Resolved! Downloaded maps on the iOS app

A recent iOS app update seems to have made it harder to manage my downloaded route maps.Previously in Maps > Saved > Saved Routes, I could see which routes were downloaded via a small icon against each listed route. You could also download them from ...

Creating routes with segments

When creating long routes 300+ km not all segments are shown. I understand the reason for this due to the huge amount of segments. But would be great if the stared segments are prioritized. Otherwise they will not be loaded as part of the route to my...

NADH by Shkhara
  • 8 replies
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Resolved! Manual mode routing in-between waypoints?

Hello, the Strava map editor is getting better and better. Good work!Still one thing that grinds my gears. Can you please add the possibility to use the "Manual mode", (ie. no routing) in-between waypoints? As it is now the feature it only seems to w...

knixen by Mt. Kenya
  • 3 replies
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Resolved! Couple of features I miss on the heatmap

I just switched from Suunto, and I miss the function that you can see everyones heatmaps. Meaning that you can always discover popular routes in an area. It would also be nice if you can click on the individual track of your personal heatmap to see t...

stigja by Shkhara
  • 3 replies
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