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Why are propeller heads always changing UIs? The previous progress tab was awesome. Everything in one simple view. Whoever designed this turd of a tab is clearly not a user of the app. Boo hiss. It’s total **bleep**  

Dsooley by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! No Data Available for Apple Watch 8

Hope this is the right place to post this question.  I have had been using Strava with my Apple Watch for around a yer. I get all the cardio data other than Cardio Recovery. Oddly, I have received data from it on two random occasions, for three compl...

Resolved! FIX - Yearly Elevation Goal

I'm going for a total elevation gained goal for 2024 - across all human powered sports (hike, run, walk, trail run, ride, backcountry ski). This should be covered by the Yearly Elevation Goal on the app, but mine looks wildly off. I think it's includ...

eluke by Mt. Kenya
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Rename "fitness" to "recent training load"

Your Strava fitness number has nothing to do with fitness. It goes up when you overtrain and down when you taper for a marathon. Strava should rename it to what it really is: "recent training load."

Rogier by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Can't select hike for default sport

So I created my account and I selected some sport including bicycle, hike and running. But when I try to change my default sport for hiking, it isn't visible in the dropdown, there is only cycling and running visible.   Any help will be appreciated

eli-ott by Mt. Kenya
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