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Resolved! Be Private but still compete for segments

Hello. Wondering if it has ever been suggested to make a way to have your activities be non-public, yet still be able to be part of the leaderboards? A lot of the fun of Strava is segments. I hesitate to not make my activities public because I like b...

Resolved! Best efforts

I'm sure the new feature called best efforts is helpful to many users.  However, I am a para-athlete and am unable to run.  That being the case, I have no information showing in best efforts despite the fact that I workout with my handcycle 5-6 days ...

Resolved! Segment Leaderboard Integrity

I have seen several people raise concerns about integrity of Segment leaderboards, mostly due to the wrong Activity type (using an E-bike on a "ride" or a bike on a "run") or leaving Strava running at the end of an Activity and hence recording a subs...

Ian by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Segments based on equipment

New to the forum, apologies if this has been asked and addressed already. As a cyclist there are lots of segments around and they're a great goal to aim for. However with cycling would it be possible for segments to be separated, so those on MTB, Gra...

CZ by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! flag for wrong gender

Hi! I am quite tired of flagging men on the leaderboard who register their gender as woman and get cups and QoMs... it would be great if:- there is an additional flag option indicating "wrong gender type".- when you register with a common male name b...

Resolved! Segment Privacy

Many cyclist friends are abandoning Strava because of the segments. They would like to be able to make the times on the segments private but still leave the activity visible. Introducing a function that makes the times on the segments private would s...

Adryanx by Shkhara
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Resolved! Segment time incorrect when displayed in age group

Hey, Gang: I’m 75, and train seriously. Yesterday and today I pr’d on several local segments. The main page indicated that I had a pr for several segments and the times for the segments were correct, BUT my age group (75+) shows an older time (a few ...

Lyon3 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Can’t see my daughters stats on a certain segment

Hi,  My daughters name does not appear on the leaderboard for a certain Segment. Is it because of her age? She can see on her run analysis that she has clocked a time on the segment but her name does not appear on the overall list. Regards Ivan