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New: Recover Athletics for cyclists! 🚲

Recover Athletics Screenshot - Post Ride Stretch and RollIt's officially here: Recover Athletics, Strava's recovery and injury prevention app, has added cycling content to its library. This has been a huge ask from the community.Now after a ride, Str...

RecoverCyclingRoutines-Club.png RecoverCyclingRoutines-Club.png
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Feature update: Upload video on web 🎥

Since launching video last summer, athletes like you have brought even more action to activities. Now, we're giving you a new way to upload your video content: on the web. Previously, videos could only be uploaded via the Strava app. Now, you can up...

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Strava Live Segments on Rouvy

The introduction of Strava Live Segments to the virtual world on Rouvy is an exciting new opportunity to ride segments at any time of the day, in any weather, and from any location around the world. While only a limited number of routes on Rouvy curr...