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Resolved! Workout name

On my Garmin Connect calendar I have an activity created by Runna App with a name like "W6 Mon Tempo - Tempo 2ks (9km)". When I do the workout it became "City name - W6 Mon Tempo - Tempo 2ks (9km)".When I finish the workout it appears as "Afternoon R...

Screenshot 2024-01-22 alle 20.06.21.png

Pace & distance not tracking during activity

  my distance and pace for some reason isn’t being tracked during the activity. However, when I save the activity leading it to post the run, it then shows the distance I ran and pace I was running at (rest of data). Can someone please help me why my...

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Resolved! Why can't I see average HR here?

See the screenshot below, which is the summary of my trail run.  I don't care about my average power and especially about the calories. These metrics mean nothing to me. At the same time I'd really like to see my average HR and average cadence. Strav...


Resolved! Incorporate training into the app vs on the website

It’s great that Strava offers McMillan training schedules, but it is frustrating that those are on accessible on the website and not within the app. Ideally, they would be customizable for all race/run distances and frequency ;currently they don’t of...

Marianna by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! [bug] iOS Elevation metric truncated on "You" page

On one of my weeks in the "You" Progress view, the Elevation metric is truncated (it shows "1,654..." instead of "1,654 ft")This doesn't happen on any other data points that I can find. Just a random thought, I wonder if it's related to the duration ...

dantsai by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Interface changes

Everyday I log my commute and track my progress under profile quick and easily. It’s been moved ? Where? I can’t find my progress for the year and stats … 

Resolved! Creating new route on mobile app

Hi I used to create new route on Strava mobile app. But it seems it’s no longer possible. When I go to my profiles / routes, existing routes are displayed, but I can’t find how to create a new one.  I’m using the last app version 309.0.0, and my subs...

Pierre73 by Mt. Kenya
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