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Benefits of marking a ride "commute"?

I've been marking rides to and from work as commutes pretty diligently, but I see from various reports on the site that commutes can be hidden, which makes me think maybe they aren't meant to be treated as significant exercise? I ride as hard on comm...

heaths by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Alpine (downhill skiing)

 There’s an icon for Alpine skiing, but it doesn’t work.  Uphill distance in the chairlift is included (!!) so speed is completely skewed.  Also, non-sensical segments, perhaps from summer hiking or mountain biking (?) are included in stats.  The alp...

JaniceB by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! "Workout" Activity Type

In Strava terms, what constitutes a "Workout?" This is listed as one of the acceptable activity types for this month's "Indoor Workout Challenge," and just wondering what counts. Evidently an indoor ride does not

OldGuy63 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! New sport types launched but still missing virtual row

Strava recently announced 9, yes, NINE, new sport types Virtual Row was one of the new sport types announced - where is it? It's been almost a week now since the announcement and virtual row is nowhe...

gorbbs by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Which Activity Types Are Separate from Cycling??

It is very confusing, if you record something as a "ride", the stats count in your totals on your profile. If you record as a Run, they show as a Run in totals, if you record as kayaking, it shows as Kayaking... But if you choose related cycling ones...