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Resolved! Runna activity not included in fitness

I use the progress features quite a lot and find them helpful i.e. monthly fitness and relative effort. I logged a 10km then yesterday via Runna and it loaded a Ross the my activity fees no problem, but it is not showing against any of my progress?

Rename "fitness" to "recent training load"

Your Strava fitness number has nothing to do with fitness. It goes up when you overtrain and down when you taper for a marathon. Strava should rename it to what it really is: "recent training load."

Rogier by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! No contact from support

Hi I have an issue with badly incorrect data due to a heart rate strap defect. Emailed support about four days ago and no response. Is there anyone here who can help? thanks 

Rhwells by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Average speed graph

On rides, would it be possible to add a graph indicating average moving speed over time/distance?The reason for this request is that I’d like to see (say) that my average moving speed changed over the course of a ride.  For example, plodding along at...

Resolved! What is Strava's 'Training Impulse'?

What exactly is Strava's 'Training Impulse'? It is  ONLY shown when you hover over a particular ride in the 'Fitness and Freshness' curve, but the term is not defined in the Strava glossary (as far as I can find) and -of course- its not  'Training Lo...

Resolved! Fitness Trend Improvements

 I like the concept of fitness as a ratio of effort/intensity vs rest over time. But the calculation needs to be updated, because as it stands, it gives me peaks of around 110, and lows of about 11 in the past two years. I know it's relative, and it'...