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Feature Request: My Routes Folder System

Aloha from Hawaii! I am a passionate Strava route creator and would love to see a private file system added to the “My Routes” feature of Strava web and mobile. It would simply all subfolders in “My Routes” and allow you to name and assign routes bui...

Resolved! Manual mode routing in-between waypoints?

Hello, the Strava map editor is getting better and better. Good work!Still one thing that grinds my gears. Can you please add the possibility to use the "Manual mode", (ie. no routing) in-between waypoints? As it is now the feature it only seems to w...

knixen by Mt. Kenya
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Route Creation

Tried to create a route the last two weeks and it detours me into roads I choose not to go..In other words, route creation is useless because Strava changes my route and will not let me select roads wish to ride.  I have looked every place for a fix ...

Cometman by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! My routes are not visible in iPhone app

I used 'Draw your own route' with iPhone app and was able to finish it. Once I saved it it is no longer there. Now when I click on Maps -> Routes to check routes for my city, I see only 3 old ones. I don't see the ones I created. On the other hand, o...

Resolved! Tilt on the draw Route feature for mobile

Hello. There is probably an easy way to do this, but I think there needs to be a button to change the view back to a direct overhead vs tilt. I live in a very flat place where the tilted view is never that interesting. However, I do draw a lot of rou...

Resolved! How do you use Points of Interest/POI?

I've seen these poppoing up on the map and not really sure how to use them properly? I recently found you can long press these and routes pop up but I don;t know if these aer auto-genereated or come from the heatmap of the POI starting there. I'm int...

VikK by Kilimanjaro
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