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Resolved! Wrong total distance shown for bike

In November I added a new bike to Strava which I now exclusively ride. Therefore I retired my other bikes. The issue is that the cumulative kilometers for this bike are completely off. It says 2600 km while it is actually closer to ~900 km after addi...

Resolved! Activities defaults on retired bike

Hi all retired a bike some day ago and added a new one (gravel) and defaulted on cycling and gravel biking. New activities altough defaults on the old (and retired) bike.   Any help? regards Luca

lmalossi by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Maintenance tracker

What about the ability to split gear/bikes into sub categories ie. Chain, so can keep a track of waxing lubing schedules and to see if a certain lube/method works better. Or tyres, add your tyres to keep an eye on mileage etc. 

Cjm88 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Default bike for "Indoor Cycling"

I marked my bike for "Virtual Ride" and I thought that ALL indoor cycling will be matched with a bike I choosed but it's not. I have to correct used bike every time manually after. Not everyone using Zwift to record training indoors. I just ride with...

xkowekx by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! rides without equipment

Hello guys,    I use strava to record my mtb rides but I discovered that some of them do not rest the equipment (bicycle) so I do not have a correct calculation of kilometers for bears and consequently even Probikegarage can not display a correct mil...

Resolved! Activities with children

I’d really like to be able to label activities with children (much like shoes or commutes) to give a more accurate picture of speed with and without (and be able to show them how many miles they’ve done in one place)

Resolved! Linking Equipment to an Activity is Too Difficult

I imagine that a large proportion of Strava users have multiple bikes for different types of rides(road, mountain, gravel, Peloton...).  Two key issues.  1) It is far too difficult to assign a particular bike to a ride.   It would of course be ideal ...