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Linking Equipment to an Activity is Too Difficult

Mt. Kenya

I imagine that a large proportion of Strava users have multiple bikes for different types of rides(road, mountain, gravel, Peloton...).  Two key issues. 

1) It is far too difficult to assign a particular bike to a ride.   It would of course be ideal to be able to pre-assign diff bikes by ride type(e.g. Trail ride = mountain bike / Peloton Ride = Peloton bike).  Short of that, making it easier to manually assign specific equipment to an activity would be a big improvement.  Presently takes multiple steps to get that done.  Why can't it just be done with a pull down within each activity.

2) eBikes need to be directly addressed.  It's becoming obvious in some of the leaderboard comparisons that ebike results are being ranked against non-ebike times.  I suggest that the difficulty in assigning equipment to an activity makes this problem much more likely.  Many people won't make the effort to manually fix each ride.  Additionally, e-bikes should be scored as a separate category or riders should be able to filter out ebikes from the rankings.  




Hi @smclements 

Thanks for posting about this!  We had another Community member post make a similar suggestion about automatically assigning bikes based on activity type.  Check it out here and we'd love to have you add your kudos and any additional comments.   

In regards to noticing E-bike efforts on regular ride leaderboards,  we do require all E-bike riders to use the E-bike activity type which places them on distinct E-bike segments.  If you notice any invalid times on segment or challenge leaderboards, we would encourage you to use the activity flag tool to address these. 

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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