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We’re Improving Leaderboard Accuracy ✅

Good news! We’re updating our algorithms to make leaderboards more credible, and taking steps to proactively prevent suspicious efforts from appearing on leaderboards – so you can trust that the results you see are accurate. We're withholding from le...

mal by Strava
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New! Set default gear by sport

You can now set default shoes and bikes for different foot and cycle activities!  For bikes this applies to: Ride, E-bike Ride, Virtual Ride, Handcycle, Velomobile Ride, MTB Ride, Gravel Ride and E-MTB Ride activities. And for shoes it works for: Run...

mal by Strava
  • 9 replies
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New: Recover Athletics for cyclists! 🚲

It's officially here: Recover Athletics, Strava's recovery and injury prevention app, has added cycling content to its library. This has been a huge ask from the community.Now after a ride, Strava subscribers can access an expanded library of routine...

RecoverCyclingRoutines-Club.png RecoverCyclingRoutines-Club.png
mal by Strava
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New! Custom Waypoints on Web Route Builder ‌🗺

You can now add Custom Waypoints onto the routes you create on Web! Insert waypoints anywhere on your route to denote key points like aid stations, bathrooms, views or even when you're supposed to take your next gel. Try it out today under Explore > ...

mal by Strava
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Are you on Nike Run Club or Nike Training Club?

Three apps you love, working together like never before. Now you can connect Nike Run Club (NRC) and Nike Training Club (NTC) accounts to Strava. Any workout you log with NRC or NTC will upload to your Strava profile so you can keep track of your wor...

mal by Strava
  • 2 replies
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What’s your favorite Trail?

Photos have officially started rolling out on Routes! This update allows you to see what your next adventure looks like before you walk out the door with real, recently uploaded photos from the community.  Try it out by heading to your favorite trail...

mal by Strava
  • 5 replies
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New for desktop! Map your way from point A to Z

You can now add multiple waypoints (stops between the start and finish) to create even more personalized Routes for your activities.  Want to try this now? We got you. This update is available to all subscribers and only on desktop. Map any Ride, Run...

waypoints-step-01.png waypoints-step-02.png waypoints-step-03.png waypoints-step-04.png
mal by Strava
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New: Segment Top 10s 🏅

You can now see all the segments where you've finished in the top 10 on the leaderboard! How to Access: Mobile: Profile -> Segments -> Top 10s (alongside your Starred, KOMs/QOMs/CRs, and LCLs) Web: Profile -> KOMs/QOMs/CRs/Top 10s  

image (20).png
mal by Strava
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Strava’s Always Getting Better

Just when you thought there might not be enough things to love about Strava, we’ve made it easier to discover new reasons. Now you can check out the In Case You Missed it (ICYMI) label to keep up with subscription-specific feature newness as well as ...

mal by Strava
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