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Strava route editor cannot cross a neighborhood road if I click on sidewalk


I wonder if Strava can address the following annoyance with the route editor:

Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 11.34.38 AM.png

I am trying to plan a route in my neighborhood - mostly to know what mileage to expect when I go for a run. In my neighborhood many streets have sidewalks next to them on the map. I find that Strava route editor is absolutely unable to jump from a street to a sidewalk next to it or, for example, to cross a street. These are quite neighborhood streets with almost no traffic that pedestrians cross at will. It seems silly that Strava makes a long detour to a nearest intersection just to cross the street there as shown in the picture above. The only solution that I can find is to switch to a manual mode.

In the screenshot attached above, I've clicked on the sidewalk. If I click on the road then it can make the turn without the detour, but then later it is still unable to jump from the road to the sidewalk that is right next to it.



Moderator Moderator

Hello @Silentvoyager 

Thanks for posting about this.  Switching to manual mode is the best workaround in this situation. 

 Strava utilizes OpenStreetMap, an open-source project of geographical data for the entire world, alongside our own heat/popularity and other unique data, to help inform routing decisions. If you are experiencing a routing error, you can help the Strava community by contributing the edit to OpenStreetMap.

Please visit our support article for instructions for more information.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team