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Resolved! Why do I only see certain Challenges in my feed?

All those challenges, lets use the strava challenges as examples..... I used to see them all in my feed the minute they came out, I also used to see when everybody else had joined a challenge. Now if i want to join a challenge, I have to go and look ...

Resolved! Smartwool Active Challenge

I love Smartwool and was excited to complete this challenge, thanks Strava!

mlehane by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! challenges

I created a challenge for my cross country team it is scheduled to start in 2 weeks. I was able to see it under my joined challenges when I made it but now am unable to fine it. where did it go?  

Resolved! "Workout" Activity Type

In Strava terms, what constitutes a "Workout?" This is listed as one of the acceptable activity types for this month's "Indoor Workout Challenge," and just wondering what counts. Evidently an indoor ride does not

OldGuy63 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Bad Challenge Data/Results

Last month I took part in the Virtual New Balance 5th Avenue Mile. Seemed simple. Run a mile [fast] and Strava would count that in the results. As I always do, I ran several time during the challenge window. I made sure to run one mile super fast. Un...