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Remove "walks" from running challenges and expand challenges for walks


Walks have been added to running challenges as of January 2024 and as a person who does both run and walk acitvities as separate sports, this has ruined the experience of challenges in the app for me, and in general.

My walks are no counting towards running challenges which rightly used to be separate. They are separate sports.

I found an idea here from last year where somebody requested the opposite and now it has been implemented. From their point of view, they were lesser abled and some walks "felt" like runs to them, which i acknowledge - however, the solution there is ti simply record a running workout on your device, not a walk.

To improve the experience for walkers then more 5k, 10k and monthly mileage challenges can be set up to keep it interesting. 

Last year I really enjoyed tracking my walking challenge and sepaately doing the running challenges. 

Now there are fewer challenges in total which seems like the app is getting worse, not better.

Also importantly need to point out that runs are not included in the walking challenges.... I guess that's the real punchline to this joke.


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Mt. Kenya

It’s a bad idea to combine running with walking. They are quite separate activities. I’m now out of the walking challenge and will not renew my subscription if this is not changed back. I’ve emailed Strava, but no response that makes sense has been received. I’ll go back to the free Strava.

My subscription ran out on 1 June, and I refused to renew for this specific reason alone. Combining running and walking completely ruined the challenges for me and the badge streaks I’d built up. I’m now using free Strava which is fine as all my stats are on my Garmin app anyway. Strava refused to listen to this thread for some unknown reason and I know other people are also voting with their feet.

Mt. Kenya

Just noticed this today and it is not a good change.

On the original discussion someone suggested replicating the run challenges for walks. That could then include hikes.

For now I notice that hikes are not included in the run goals, so I'm moving all my walks to hikes.

But this  change was a bad one that was not thought through properly.

Please, Strava, reverse it and make a proper solution to the original request

Mt. Kenya

Agreed now i just don't use Strava for walks. So basically I use the app less than before. Seems counter intuativeof them if you ask me

Mt. Kenya

Hi, as a runner I enter every month in a number of running challenges, like Half marathon for April, 100km running in April etc. 

To complete such challenge, you actually need to complete say a half marathon, i.e. 21.1km.

The challenge describe which activities are accepted to complete. Recently, also 'walking' is accepted to complete running challenges, which results in that my 'Half marathon for April' challenge got completed through a 23km walk activity.

Similarly, my 100km running in April got completed after only 55km of actual running activities.

Who would be able to correct this? Or is there a specifc reason why also walks count for running challenges?

KR Wim

There was a request a while ago (that had very little support, mind you) requesting to add walks to running challenges because for some people "walks feel like runs" for people with disabilities. The response to entirely eliminating running challenges was totally bizarre though. Walking challenges already existed, making a combined run/walk challenge for people who would use that, or encouraging people to record their walks as "runs" if they want to would all have been reasonable responses to that request, rather than eliminating running challenges on what's probably the biggest running app out there. A bunch of us have been asking for this to be changed back for a long time, with no response from Strava. I encourage you to cancel your subscription if you have one and leave a bad review on the App Store. People have also been emailing customer support. Not sure how else to try to get them to listen to us!

Mt. Kenya

100% Agree! 

A run challenge is a run challenge! I saw that I had almost achieved the 100K challenge for the first time! Super excited I looked at my totals wondering how and found that it counts my walks. What a joke! When I finally get my run 100K in a month badge It's going to be a lie. This is something I've been working towards for years and when I am actually close to really being strong enough to run 100k the challenge is as good as gone. 

I started my running journey walking 100 miles for charity over a month. Very achievable! Running 100K takes alot of hard effort and training. Total rubbish.


anyone else notice they removed the comment feature from the challenges this month?

Yeah I saw that and I thought that it's some kind of defect for me or something but it looks that Strava getting better and better... 😄 Such a progressive platform 😄

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