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Resolved! I don't get the new Strava Waypoints feature.

It adds a waypoint every time I click on the map. But if I plan a route on a complicated trail network and want to get the route exactly the way I want I need to click on the map a lot. That isn't different from how the route planning worked before. ...

Photo integration (Instagram)

In the past all pictures taken with instagram during a activity would go in that activity. This was a magnificent feature. Is ther still something like this or do we have to select by hand?

Kitesurf speed

Why does speed scale disappear from the map on kitesurf trips? Would be great to see the speed over different parts of the kite session on the map... Thanks

Resolved! Saving Routes to a Club

I would like to be able to save Routes to a Club, so that we have a 'library' of routes that Club members use - I have my own routes, and other club members have theirs too, but it would be very good to be able to select some of them and share to a c...

Resolved! Flyover

Hello, j'ai vu qu'il existait une fonction flyover qui a l'air pas mal du tout. Quelqu'un sait-il comment l'activer? La personne qui me l'a montrée l'a vu apparaître par hasard sur son menuTRANSLATION: Hello, I saw that there was a flyover function w...

Resolved! Club and challenge joins

Is there any way to not show club and challenge joins in your dashboard feed.I would like to only see actual activities and posts there, I'm really not interested in what clubs anybody I follow happens to be joining, nor really the challenges they jo...