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Resolved! Power curve issue with 'Last 6 Weeks'

I looked at my power curve comparing 'All of 2022' to 'Last 6 weeks' and discovered that a ride that I did 10 days ago shows up in 'All of 2022' curve, but not in the 'Last 6 Weeks' curve. Is this a bug or is there some logical explanation for it?


Why face limitations and remain a paid subscriber??

This limitation on comments is making us go mad, Are you saying 20 comments per 24hrs is the limit?? I am sorry, not done.I had paid for a subscription for features not to face this type of limitation.May I know how to escalate this issue this is bot...

Fallo Frecuencia cardiaca / ​Heart rate failure

Buenos dias a tod@s, en la app de garmin me marca unas pulsaciones bajas, cuando voy haciendo base, ritmos lentos, normal, pero cuando se sincroniza a strava se disparan 170-180',sabeis por que pasa? Muchas gracias. TRANSLATION: Good morning everyone...

Inot by Mt. Kenya
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Other Club events

It would be nice to have non-run/non-cycle events for clubs. I have used club events to help organize swim meets, social dinners, and would like to use them for swim/rowing practice / regattas and more. Having more events would help keep people comin...

jleigh by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Finding Routes

I may be confused, but I seem to be unable to find public routes on the Strava website and at the same time I cannot find my personal routes on the Strava (Android) app.   Is it just me?On the website, I can find My Routes and a "Routes" item in the ...

Newlands by Mt. Kenya
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Training analysis - data download possible?

Dear Strava Community, I would like to analyse my Training in defined last periods, overall but also per category. I am interested in analyses like: - Cycling, last three months, last 12 months, current year, total time, average HR, max HR, etc - the...

Joachim by Shkhara
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