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STRAVA Too Expensive for what it offers


Is it just me that gets annoyed with how much effort puts in to trying to make me subscribe? I already told them that their price is way too high for the features offered. 


I've already told them that I won't be subscribing at that price. It's expensive and not worth it. Is it not better to reduce your price yet get more subscribers? 

It is not a premium app. It doesn't have integrated training plans. I want (when I subscribe and opt for a marathon plan) something that is integrated with the strava app, that gives me coaching and voice feedback during each training session, that is in the app that I can tailor so it's not just a bland series of emails that tell me when and what to do. It's very dull and lazy. 

The effort strava puts in to monetise everything by linking to their 'partners' which is just about getting exposure to their partners. 

It's not about providing a good app for your users it's about squeezing money out of your users wherever possible while not giving them what they have asked for. 

I'm pretty sure a lot of other strava users or potential subscribers feel exactly the same but (a bit like apple) you don't care about what your user base actually wants. Pretty much ignore it and just press on with your own agenda. 


Is 2024 the year you bring in integrated training plans? Endomondo doesn't exist anymore (under armour bought it and now it's map my run and they ruined endomondo because they know better obviously... So I left them). 


When I subscribed to strava last year I did it because I got 3 extra free months and I thought when you said you had training plans and it was a 'premium' subscription it would be integrated. I was so disappointed that it didn't. It was a false representation of what I thought I was getting. 


So are you like me and fed up with the high price, constant pressure to subscribe and the fact that most of the features people would pay for don't exist (still) in strava? 


It's not value for money right now and doesn't give me anything by subscribing. 


Fix it. 


Mt. Kenya

8.99 a month?!

I just came back from a break in training due to travelling, and they want over $60 a month on my account!

Can't easily figure out how to get this obvious error addressed. I registered a new dummy account and they want £4.58 a month, which I'd just about agree to. But my legacy account which is years old is being fleeced for $66.58 a month?!!! What's going on Strava?

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Mt. Kenya

I agree with the common sentiment here, having happily paid 2-3quid a month for strava up to now as I paid yearly, thats just expired, I am NOT going to get nothing more and pay 8.99, sorry Strava, one way to lose a customer, as with the above, I only use a few of the features. Fitness and freshness I can use elevate, mapping there are so many, segments are not reallly my bag even if I did watch them closely,I am better off without them.
So long and thanks for all the fish.

Pico de Orizaba

I very much agree. I like Strava and would happily pay around £20-25 a year to support the company and access the detailed segment leaderboards and route matching. But a fee of £55 a year is more than I can justify for those two features alone and pretty much everything else included in the subscription is available, in some form, for free elsewhere. So compared with the likes of Disney+ and Netflix, who also want a slice of my disposable income, the value for money with Strava just isn't there right now.

Mt. Kenya

I also agree with you @j1mreeves that there should be a setting to stop the user being pestered with ‘subscribe to get that feature’ when I am not really wanting that feature anyway.

Mt. Kenya

I stopped subscribing a few months ago. I would actually like to pay something for the features that are there. The problem is the amount along with all the other subscription services makes it out of my range when other subscriptions benefit the whole family like Netflix. I do wish Strava were a bit more understanding on their customers - its unaffordable.  


The Strava training plans aren't much, I give you that but would you really pay much higher prices like for trainingpeaks to get better integrated training plans?