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To The Peaks & Beyond: Pico Bolívar

***If you are wondering why are we talking about some of the world's most famous peaks - this is thanks to our Community member ranks! Every athlete in the community has a rank based on their contribu...


My Favorite Pro Cyclists on Strava

It's January, which brings three things to my mind in the world of professional road cycling: The obligatory new team kit photo on January 1, escaping to the warmth of Spain for team training camps, a...


Account Access Series, Part 1: Log In

Hello! My name is Geode and I am a member of Strava’s Community Management team specializing in account access inquiries. So, let me just say it… Login and account issues are frustrating! But, I have ...


Part 2: A Tour Divide Adventure

From racing the school bus to racing across the country in all kinds of ways Imagine a random weekday in the late 80s in Alabama in a small suburban community outside Birmingham. The school bus drops ...


Part 1: A Tour Divide Adventure

Questioning my life choicesSharp snow covered Rocky Mountains south of Banff, Canada about 40 miles into the 2022 Tour Divide bikepacking race. How did I find myself waking up in a cave in Montana? Or...


To mute or not to mute

Today I'm highlighting one of our lesser known features, called "Mute Activity". Let's start with the basics... How it works Mute Activity: Don’t publish to Home or Club feeds. You can use this opt...


Football is more than “just” a game

If you are a football/soccer player or enthusiast, you may find this article interesting. Do not worry if you are not an expert in football, I still miss a few offsides when the referee blows his whis...


Discover Recover

Howdy! I’m Clyde and I work on the Community Management team at Strava. I’m also a runner, and like most runners, I have been injured. I’ve always been excited to see more injury and recovery-related ...


Strava Live Segments on Rouvy

Strava is proud to announce that our Live Segments can now be ridden in the virtual world on Rouvy! This exciting new feature marks the first time that Strava Live Segments have been available for ath...


Strava Routes on Suunto and COROS Devices

Maybe you’ve got some extra time this weekend to explore a new part of time, perhaps you're visiting family in a new city, or you could be traveling for work and want to explore. Routes give you the f...


Running with Children

You are a new mama and everything is evolving, reevaluating and it is not all rainbows and sunshine. You scour the internet for hours, Google searching every little thing, pretty sure my search histor...


To The Peaks & Beyond: Vinson Massif

***If you are wondering why are we talking about some of the world's most famous peaks - this is thanks to our Community member ranks! Every athlete in the community has a rank based on their contribu...


Strava map types you’ll want to try!

Map Types are a clever way to enhance your activity’s map appearance in feeds. We’ve enjoyed seeing how our employees have been using them so we’ve captured examples of the different styles below.   W...


To the Peaks & Beyond: Puncak Jaya

Would you have raised an eyebrow if someone in the 1600s told you they had sighted snowy peaks in the tropics? Glaciers are one of the things that make this week's featured mountain peak, Puncak Jaya...


ŌURA + Strava

When some wake up in the morning, they first check social media, their messages, or in with work to see what they missed while the other half of the world was awake. First thing in the morning for me?...


Segment Matching Checklist

One of the most common questions we see not only in support tickets, but floating around the internet ether is “why didn’t I match a segment”. Once you know what to look for, it’s pretty easy to figur...


The Human Hamster Wheel, a Tale of a Treadmill Desk

Normally, I stay active by running, riding, skiing, and hiking. When life shifted towards social distance, I experimented with what was available to me in the comfort of my home. Unfortunately, one da...


To the Peaks & Beyond: Mont Blanc

You may have noticed the name of a mountain peak beneath your username and wondered "what's that?" Wonder no more, because we have a nifty guide to all of our ranks, featuring a list of all the peak ...