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More than 10 years ago, I joined Strava to help bolster the app’s core functionality, such as mobile GPS recording (still new at the time) and much more. As we grew, my role evolved as we shifted our focus to our external API. A deeper investment in our developer ecosystem enabled us to evolve our services and establish a model where connecting to Strava was indispensable to growth, especially for tracking apps. As a result, today, we have over 85,000+ applications in our connected ecosystem, including partners like Garmin, Oura, Peloton, Zwift, Whoop, VeloViewer, and many more. Over a decade later, I am proud to have collaborated with an incredible team to transform Strava into the unifying platform for all GPS devices, workout and fitness apps, and other tools serving our global community of active people.

Of course, none of these milestones would have been possible without you – the developers building the amazing apps that connect to our API. Not much has changed since we set on our mission to put Strava at the center of connected fitness, which is why today, I am excited to introduce you to our updated developer program.

With over 100M athletes in 190 countries worldwide, we know the opportunity to build on Strava’s API is more lucrative than ever. For this reason, we’ve redesigned our program to provide you with the tools, support, and knowledge you’ll need as you build and grow your app. This means you’ll have better communication with developer support and partner managers to help you innovate and ideate on paths to growth here on Strava.

Overall, this process unlocks more opportunities for app owners to connect the active people on our platform with the motivation that keeps them moving.

Here’s what you can expect in the coming months as we begin our program updates:

  • If you have an app currently connected to our external API, you can expect an email from our team outlining what comes next. We’ll ask app owners to submit a new application for review to help us determine the appropriate level of support to provide based on your needs. You will have 6 months to submit your app for review, and once approved, you’ll be set for the year.
  • For those interested in building on our API - welcome! Please contact our team at to begin your application process and get introduced to our API and updated program.
  • Finally, we’ve updated our homepage. Find us at to stay up-to-date with updates, news, and more.

We’re proud to have over 85,000 of you – developers, organizations, and apps on our API. We know that by optimizing the ways we work together, we can better reward your innovation and growth by connecting your app to the largest community of athletes in the world.