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Best Efforts are a cool way to track your progress and they allow you to see which portion of an activity was the fastest at certain distances. Best Efforts tracks your top three all-time efforts and top five annual efforts at each distance, as well as your fastest efforts from each run. Follow your progress at benchmark running distances from 400 meters to 50k with Best Efforts. 

How to access the feature:
Mobile: Visit your profile page on the mobile app and scroll down to “Best Efforts”:


Here you will find your top efforts for the distances that you have completed. At the top, toggle between distances to view the Best Efforts. You can tap into “View Analysis” to see more details on your progress at the given distance.

best efforts gif.gif

You can also find your Best Efforts on an activity by going to the "My Results" page of an activity:


Website: On your web profile page, look for "my stats" on the right side of the page, select the "run" icon, and you'll see your Best Efforts listed. 




Visit a specific activity page on which you achieved the Best Effort > Click Best Efforts on the left side of the screen > View Best Efforts for all benchmark distances. When viewing another athlete's profile on the Strava website, you will see your best efforts compared to theirs.

How I use Best Efforts

Of course, competing on leaderboards is a blast. But what gets me excited is our Best Efforts feature, It’s like having a cheerleader motivating me. When I’m competing against myself, that’s when the magic unfolds. It’s like a challenge to beat my high score, and when I do, man it feels great to see my progress. Additionally, it’s nice to be able to check out my speed records during longer road races. Seeing my comparisons from past performances is why I keep utilizing Best Efforts!

Experiencing GPS Issues

If your device had GPS issues during an activity that resulted in an incorrect Best Effort, you can remove or edit your Best Efforts to ensure that there isn’t bad data displayed (NOTE: This can only be done on your mobile device) 


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How does the Best Efforts feature keep you motivated? Let us know below!