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Hello athletes! 

Welcome! If this is your first time visiting our Community, we're so glad to see you here. If you're a returning athlete, welcome back! 🙂 

This is the place for all the topics that help you achieve your athletic lives and goals. We're here to help all Strava athletes ask questions, find answers, and share information with our global community of athletes. 

Here are a few resources to check out and steps to help you get acclimated to the Community. 

Getting Started!

1. Sign up for the Community if you haven't already

Registration is quick and simple. Here are the benefits of being a member?

  • You can start a discussion on a topic that interests or on which you need feedback on 

  • You can participate in existing discussions and share your knowledge and expertise

  • You will be recognized and rewarded for your contributions with badges and ranks to gain reputation and climb the leaderboard

  • You can post ideas and vote on your favorites

  • You can connect with other athletes around the world

  • You can talk directly to Strava representatives

2. Introduce yourself - we would love to get to know you!

The best way to get started in the Community is to let us know you're here. Share a little about yourself and see what others have to say. This will help you get started with connecting with the rest of the Community. 

If you are curious about who is who in the Community, here is a short guide on different member roles.

3. Start discussions in Campfire Chat and Help & Ideas!

Campfire Chat is the opportunity to interact with the Community through various topics. Think of it as an introductory space for athletes to learn more about the Community and make connections with other members.

In Help & Ideas you will find discussions about Strava features and functionalities, the option to submit an idea as well as vote on others, bug reports and more. 

Where to Look First?

The Community is packed with some amazing content, but here are a few places to start exploring: 

Know how to use Community

  1. Community Guidelines = know the rules behind the Community
  2. Tips on Posting = understand how to post and ask questions
  3. Guide to Ranks and Badges = how to rank up and earn badges
  4. Guide to Ideas = how to submit your idea

Understand the Settings

  1. Account Settings / Login Troubleshooting = set up your Community account and resolve any login issues you might encounter
  2. Community Privacy Controls  = understand how to manage your privacy settings on the Community
  3. Community FAQs = Help center with answers to some of the most common questions related to Community

Some Things to Note!

There will be new conversations starting every day. You can find them by navigating from the Community homepage into Trending Topics or Community Activity, or by searching for particular content in the search bar. 

If you plan on contributing a question to the Community, check out this guide on how to make a great post. If you don't see the conversation topic you're looking for, start it — we'd love to hear from you!

Additionally, if you have feedback on the look and the feel of our Community, head over to our Community Feedback group where you can join the group and post your feedback according to these guidelines.

Want to report a bug or reach out to Strava Support?

Need to contact our Support Team directly? Find out how to open a ticket with us here.

Want to report a bug you've discovered? Please be sure to add the label "Bug Report" to your discussion post. To learn more about how to use labels, check out our article here.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with — thanks for being part of the Strava Community Hub! 

Mont Blanc

I am receiving double notifications for all of my activities starting yesterday. Just wondering what is happening

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