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Strava Alumni

Get Familiar With Different Community Members!

Hello athletes! Community is a place where everyone is welcome and where different member profiles interact together. To make it easier to understand who you are interacting with, we have created this short guide on who is who in the Community.

Community Team

The Community Team helps you navigate through the roads and paths of the Community.  They are here to provide useful content, answer any Community questions you might have, and hold the pillars of Community spirit. If you ever need to reach out to the team directly, you can email 

There are two different roles the Community Team play:

Community Managers:
A group of Strava employees responsible for the smooth running of the Community. 

Example of Community Team indicatorExample of Community Team indicator

Community Moderators:

A group of Strava employees who are directly involved in the Community. They are responsible for keeping our Community safe and inclusive by moderating activity. 

Example of Community Moderator indicatorExample of Community Moderator indicator

Strava Employees

Strava employees know our Strava in and out! For this reason, they love to participate in the Community, create content, and interact with other athletes. You can recognize the Strava employees by the badge icon next to their name.Screenshot 2022-05-26 at 13.12.21.png

Example of Strava staff indicatorExample of Strava staff indicator 
Pro Athletes
Strava Pros are professional athletes who are passionate about Strava and our community. They're the best at what they do and inspire the athletes who follow them. A Strava Pro Badge is an elite distinction only conferred upon a very limited number of athletes competing at the absolute top level of their discipline. Here you can find out more about Pro Athletes.
Example of Pro athlete indicatorExample of Pro athlete indicator

Verified Athletes

Strava verified athletes are profiles of certain notable public figures which are authentic. Strava verifies these accounts so members of the Strava community can find the athletes they want to follow, and so that verified athletes can have a unique platform to connect with their fans, without any fear of being impersonated or misrepresented. A verified athlete badge does not imply an endorsement by Strava. Here you can find more about verified athletes. 

Example of Verified Athlete indicatorExample of Verified Athlete indicator

Above member roles are the most common ones. If you have any other questions about community members, let us know! 


STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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