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Hello athletes!

Here we are outlining the best practices for providing your Community feedback. By following these guidelines, we are ensuring that collected feedback is relevant, actionable, and will serve towards improvements of the Community.

How Should I Provide the Feedback?

  1. Find the area most relevant to your feedback.

    We have created labels for different areas of the Community we are interested in gathering your feedback on, so you can post your feedback in  Community Hub Feedback and add the label most related to your area of feedback. 

    Labels are available for the following and by using them we are able to better categorize the feedback to identify trends and needs:
    1. Badge
    2. Ranks
    3. Roles
    4. Terminology
    5. Navigation
    6. Basecamp Content
    7. Help & Ideas Content
    8. Guidelines
    9. How to

  2. Post your feedback with as much information as possible. Check out our handy guide Tips on Posting on Community  as a starting point. The more information you can share, the more actionable and clear your feedback is.

    When providing your feedback on the Community, we ask that you post the feedback in this Strava Community Feedback group. This helps us to centralize and analyze all Community feedback. We recommend your feedback should follow the below format: 
  • Title = Feedback on [Community Area/Component]
  • Feedback Body = Use clear and consistent language. Describe the issue or the roadblock you are seeing. Share the goal or desired state of the Community that feedback would help achieve.
  • Attachments/Examples = Please share screenshots and page links and as many specifics as possible when sharing your feedback. This will help provide valuable context around what you are seeing and where in the Community.


Commenting on the Existing Feedback

  • You can also add additional comments to existing feedback from another community member.
  • If you agree with their feedback please kudo their post.
  • This helps us understand the level of consensus on feedback. 
  • If you have additional comments that support their feedback please add that. 


Want to report a 'Community Hub' specific bug you discovered?

Please be sure to add the label "Bug Report" to your discussion post. To learn more about how to use labels, check out our article here.


How do I reach out to the Strava Community Admins?

If you want to understand better who is who in the Community, check out our Introduction to Community Membersfor a breakdown of different members and their roles. 

Additionally, if you have any issues with providing the Community feedback, please reach out to

Thank you for all your contributions, we can't wait to see what you have to share! 

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Can we please add a button that chooses the people that see your activity. We have only followers, everyone and just you but why can’t there be a thing that allows you to choose the people who see your activity.

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