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Guide to Ideas 


Idea & Feature Suggestion Submission

Your ideas matter


Strava is a global community with millions of members. Each one of you has valuable feedback on how to improve Strava and we welcome your ideas and feature suggestions. We know that each idea is important to you, however please remember that it is not feasible to implement every idea we receive.

A few things to note: 

  • We read and review 100% of the ideas submitted
  • We receive a large number of ideas, and even some very popular ideas will not make it to the implementation stage
  • Popular ideas (ideas that get lots of votes) will be regularly surfaced to our Product Teams for review
  • The number of votes an idea gets is only one factor that’s considered when we plan our roadmap
  • When we receive updates from our Product Teams on the status of an idea, we will share as much information as we can 
  • We strive to be transparent as possible, but please remember that we may not explain or justify why we might prioritize the development of some features over others
  • We appreciate your enthusiasm and passion for Strava. In order to keep the Ideas space productive, uncivil or mean spirited comments or any other content that violates the Community Hub Guidelines may be removed without warning

Submitting an Idea

What makes a good idea?

  • Be clear and concise, include screenshots if relevant  
  • Give your idea a descriptive title (it should be easy for others to find)
  • State what part of Strava your idea is for; Activities, Routes, Clubs, Segments etc.
  • Add tags and labels to your idea
  • State why your idea is important for you and others on Strava 

How do I submit my idea?

  • Navigate to the Ideas board (Home > Help & Ideas > Ideas) and press the "Suggest an idea" button


  • You will be prompted to check existing ideas for any duplicate/similar suggestions
  • If you find a duplicate or similar idea, add your vote (thumbs up button) and comments to that idea
  • Didn’t find what you’re looking for?  Proceed with submitting your new idea

A few other things:

  • If your suggestion has already been submitted, it will be merged into the existing suggestion
  • Requests to roll back launches or revert an update will be closed
  • We will not accept suggestions regarding our pricing structure
  • We are not considering new polyline / map styles at this time and suggestions relating to them may be closed
  • Starting a coordinated social media campaign in a Strava Club or on other platforms to request a feature or attempt to get Strava to revisit a decision is not permitted
  • Contacting individual employees directly or commenting your questions or requests on their personal activity uploads is not permitted, nor is it an effective way to make sure your voice is heard or ensure that you get the most accurate information
  • The Community Hub only supports English at this time. If you would like to submit in another language, please include a translated version of your idea


Our Idea Statuses and What they Mean:

With archived status (2).png

We look forward to hearing from you!


What about feature suggestions for the community hub itself? Should those be posted under Feature Suggestions too?

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@eric Good question. We welcome your feedback on the Community Hub itself over in our  Community Hub Feedback Group 

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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Mt. Kenya

Add a lock feature during your run to ensure you won't be paused by sweat

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If you have an idea, please share it on our Ideas Board so that others can also vote on your idea. We kindly ask that you review our Idea Guidelines, particularly the “What makes a good idea” section, to ensure that your ideas are clear, concise, and can reach as many others as possible.

Thank you for your contribution, we value your input. 

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STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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