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  • Unicycling is vastly different from regular cycling as the speed in general is much lower on a unicycle. Thus the resulting data gathered from an activity on a unicycle is not comparable to a normal ride. 
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STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

I am happy to see this getting some traction. I have asked for unicycling to be added years ago. There are many unicyclist that use Strava and only have a cycling as an option. Unicycling burns a lot more calories than cycling and it is much slower. 

Mt. Kenya

Yes please! This would be wonderful. I have over 3,000 miles of uni rides in Strava currently categorized as bike rides. 

Mt. Kenya

Yeees, I do 400km per month on a unicycling, all of it wrongly registered at Strava. It was the reason I stopped subscribing, wrote to them but no response. Hoping for better luck this time!

Mt. Kenya

Yess great idea!! I was thinking about this a year ago but never made the effort to write Strava about it. I think it would be a boost for unicycling as a sport! And might even inspire future riders.  

Mt. Kenya

I agree it should be a separate sport. 

Mt. Kenya

Agreed, I've been logging my unicycling as "hand cycle" to differentiate it from my bike rides. 

In my opinion, Strava should just have an "other" option where you can make your own labels. No idea on the dev effort of this, but I'd love to have a unicycle option. 


Mt. Kenya

+1 for a unicycling category!!

Mt. Kenya

I noticed how low it was showing my wattage and calories as being after riding the other day. Would definitely love for it to accurately reflect the intensity of a unicycle ride

Mt. Kenya

I really can’t believe that a unicycle activity hasn’t been added to Strava after all these years of subscribers requesting this. 
I see other worthy but niche sports being added, how difficult can it be to add minimally a general category? 
Please be more inclusive and respectful of the diversity of athletes chosen wheeled sports. 
Thank you

Mt. Kenya

The day Strava adds unicycles is the day I upgrade to premium 

Mt. Kenya

Oh yes, please!

I still haven't figured why Strava haven't done that a few years ago, when unicycling collected so many upvotes in the poll they made to add new sports. Hardly any development difficulty there, it is very comparable to cycling with just a few minor modifications... and it would make a whole happy community even happier 🙂

Mt. Kenya

Many other niche sports have their place here. Why not unicycling?

I would probably go premium if I could record more accurate rides (speed, calories).

Mt. Kenya

Agree with the comments above.

People are doing amazing things on unicycles but by being categorised as bike ride the effort does not really show.

Us, when I do make a bike ride I wipe out all PR set on unicycle.

So then when unicycling again I never seem to improve my PR on specific segments.

I do, but I don't get notified anymore because of that fast bike ride. ..

Mt. Kenya

I really hope they will listen. I did ask for this on Google Play ages ago. It would really help to keep my exercises apart.