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Community Manager

Here is a rundown of all the privacy controls that are available to you as a member of this community.

As with all online communities be careful about how much data you share about yourself. Further reading on this subject is available in our Community Guidelines.

Your Profile

  • Privacy Settings
    The default setting for who can view the following information associated with your profile is set to No-One:
    • Your Personal Information (editable)
      • First and last name - populated from your Strava account profile
      • Signature - default blank, when populated will be associated with any posts you make
      • Title - default blank
      • Location - populated from your Strava account profile
      • Personal site info (web, Facebook, Twitter, blog) - default blank
      • Biography - default blank, when populated appears in the About box on Your Profile Page
    • Your Email Address - not editable, populated from your Strava account profile and visible only to you on your Profile page
    • Your Community Online status  - determined by whether you are signed in or not, default to no-one for Show online status under your Privacy Settings here

  • Selecting a Username
    • Your username will be associated with all your activity in the Community whenever you post, reply or kudo.
    • You should choose a username that you feel comfortable with others knowing.
    • If at any time you think your username reveals too much personally identifiable information then you can change it immediately by visiting Personal - My settings 
    • Changes to usernames are reflected on all of your previous community activities as well as future ones. 

  • Sharing Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

    Please read the section in our Community Guidelines which highlights the type of PII information we ask that you don't share in order to protect identifiable information. We have implemented preventative moderation processes which will remove this PII information should you inadvertently post it prior to publishing. These include email addresses, phone numbers and credit card details. 

  • Image Sharing

    Before sharing an image in a post consider what information can be determined about you from that image. If you are concerned it is sharing information that could identify you or your location then don't share it or make changes to conceal that information before sharing. 

If you have further questions or concerns please contact the Community team at 

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Visit our Help Center to search our support articles

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