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Welcome to our Community!

We are so excited to have you join our global community of athletes and start discussing what's important to you about being an athlete and sharing your experiences. You'll find lots of opportunities to read and hear from other athletes throughout the community. Take your time to explore what's there and when you're ready, jump into contributing to an existing discussion or start a new one.

We ask that you make sure you read and respect the rules so we can all participate in healthy discussion and everyone is welcomed and respected. By committing to our community standards then we collectively create a space that we all want to be a part of and look forward to returning to. If we strive to be our best then great things happen.

As a new member of the community here are my top 5 tips to help you get settled and have a more enjoyable experience:

  1. Read this next New To Strava Community - Getting Started Resources - whether you're brand new using a community or not, this is a helpful guide for everyone. We may be doing things differently from other communities you have used before so check this out.
    Dropdown meno when signed inDropdown meno when signed in
      1. My profile - on this page you can change the random avatar assigned to you when you registered as well as quickly locate any of your posts/replies, drafts in progress, bookmarks or groups you join . You can also see how many badges you've earned, kudos received and given to others as well as your own private stats on your community activity.
      2. My settings - it's a good idea to review your settings to ensure everything is set up to your preferences and you can adjust the defaults to suit.
          1. Review your notification settings - the default settings are designed to be helpful but not intrusive. However, if you have different preferences then modify those settings here

            Scrolling list of community notification settingsScrolling list of community notification settings

      3. My subscriptions - subscriptions are a good way to track and be notified about new or updated content throughout the community that most interests you.
        1. Use subscriptions to receive the notifications you really want - every high-level category (e.g. Basecamp, Help & Ideas), the boards under each category, and the posts in each board have an option to Subscribe at whichever level you want. You'll find this in the Options menu wherever it appears:
          Category subscribe optionCategory subscribe optionBoard subscribe optionBoard subscribe optionPost subscribe optionPost subscribe option

        2. Manage your subscriptions - you can manage your Subscriptions at any point using My subscriptions from the Avatar dropdown menu. You can quickly see a list of what you're subscribed to across the community as well as delete at any time and mute the conversation.
          My subscriptions viewMy subscriptions view
      4. Use labels - choosing and using appropriate labels when posting a new topic add a helpful layer of organization beyond categories and boards. To start we've kept the label options lightweight so you don't have to scroll through multiple options. Over time as we grow our label usage, this will guide how we need to start splitting out broader topic boards to more granular topics. Additionally, you can subscribe to individual labels in any board to receive more granular notifications when the label is used on a post.

        A great one to start subscribing to is the What's New label. You'll find out about all the latest from our Product Teams on updates released on Strava. In addition, you can add your feedback and chat to other athletes in the discussion post.

        Read more about labels How to Subscribe to a Label in the Community

      5. Share more about yourself
        1. Your biography - under your My settings/ Personal there is a biography section that you can use to tell others about yourself. You might consider sharing your favorite activity types and interests which makes it easier for like-minded people to find each other. Be mindful of sharing too much personally identifiable information as you would in any online setting. More guidance is available in our Community Guidelines.
          About widget on profile pageAbout widget on profile page
          Once complete your biography will appear top right of your Profile page just under the main banner so when other people click on your community username they can learn more about you.

        2. Add a signature to your posts - adding a signature to your post is a good way to share something you'd like others to know every time you interact with them. For example, you may be looking to find more followers and wish to share your Strava profile information. This article takes you through 5 simple steps to share your Strava profile.

Finally, have fun, participate and contribute to building an authentic and welcoming Community for us all to succeed.

We are here to support you as you discover so let us know if you have questions or feedback to improve our Help resources. Feedback and questions are welcomed in this Community Group Strava Community Hub - Feedback Group .

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Visit our Help Center to search our support articles


I'm excited to have this community, thanks! My advice to new members: go make a post in the Campfire Chat area, and you'll quickly see how it all works. 😎

Strava profile: (Check out my daily photos!)
Strava member since 2013
Pico de Orizaba

I like the idea of the community. 

I hope it’s a success and doesn’t fall prey to some of the horrible things you see in places like FB Groups.  

Pico de Orizaba

So far a lot of the posts seem to focus on feature requests. Not necessarily a bad thing but, probably not the intention of the Community forum




Thank you very much for the help you have given.

Coach en plein air. Ma passion est de vous aidez à avoir une meilleure santé et réduire le stress.
Mt. Kenya

here i come!

Mt. Kenya


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