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Apple Watch Complication

Mt. Kenya

Hi, I just bought a new Apple Watch and when selecting the watch face was able to add a variety of “complications“ (micro buttons on the watch face to access other apps). Setting up I was able to choose Strava as a complication (micro button), but it required me to log into my Strava account on my phone (I got a new phone at the weekend too  so needed to login to my Strava account for the first time on that phone). I did this but still couldn’t access Strava through the micro button. I restarted the phone and watch and now the option to even select Strava has disappeared from the complications menu. Can anyone help please?


Moderator Moderator

Hello @Adamski1805 ,

We suggest following steps outlined in this Support article: to add complications on the watch face from either the Apple Watch app on your phone or the watch itself. Hope this helps!

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