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Mt. Kenya


I am a happy Strava user.
I only regret how the "auto pause recording" works.

When I record a bike ride, I notice that during each stop (red light, railroad crossing, etc.), the application takes between 15 and 20 seconds before detecting the stop. On the other hand, when I restart, the recording resumes almost instantly.
I have already made the comparison using 2 different applications simultaneously on 2 different smartphones.
The end result is that the time recorded on Strava is several minutes higher, and therefore the average speed is around 0.5 km/h lower.
It's a shame they don't stop recording more quickly when there's no more movement (like other apps do).

On the other hand, when driving through undergrowth, the speed is often lower than reality due to poor GPS calculations. It seems that the program "catches up" when we leave this zone, which sometimes makes it say that I drove at more than 100 km/h!

Thank you for your opinion



Maybe these other apps have another auto pause threshold. Why don't you use these ?

I really like Strava ! 
I just regret that the threshold is set so high

Mt. Kenya

thank you for your opinion

but, as I indicated, another application, on the same smartphone, or on another, does not react like Strava since it interrupts almost immediately when you no longer move


That's mainly a problem with the satellite reception. If it's not optimal then some movement is measured even when you're standing still. A solution (for the undergrowth problem too) would be using a speed sensor in connection with another app for recording, like Wahoo Fitness, see

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