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Elevation gain from inddor Kinomap sessions?

Mt. Kenya

Bike rider for 40 years+; used to race. Today I ride to keep fit. Winter training is inddor using Kinomap and XERT.

Started using Strava to aggregate my inddor sessions and a better overview. Strava also allows XERT to pull my Kinomap sessions in for a full picture of my current training state.

Pleasantly surprised by the small challenges available in Strava, great motivators, and I thus wanted to join the Le Col Season Pass challenge as I felt it was both achievable and worthwhile the effort.

But how do I reach the 1000 meters of elevation when only cycling indoors?

For XERT sessions, these probably will only record elevtion when running in slope mode something I have not yet tried.

In Kinomap, elevation gain is recorded when riding challenge mode, but it appears not to sync this data to Strava? How do I get Kinomap and Strava to sync the elevation gain?



Moderator Moderator

Hello @ulfhjensen 

Thanks for posting about this.  Elevation will only be shown on your Strava activity if it contains GPS data (that includes virtual GPS data recorded on platforms such as Zwift).   Indoor ride files synced to us from Kinomap do not contain GPS or elevation data, so we're not able to show elevation on your Strava activity page.  


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

When training under the discovery mode, at the speed of the video maker, we only report the mileage. When training under the Challenge mode, at your own speed, we report all data (positive incline, mileage, power, speed, map) as being a realistic ride at your own pace.

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