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For the love of Merckx, STOP! Strava is no place for politics!

Mt. Kenya

I just saw a "Cyclists for {politician}" Group. AWFUL!  Don't we get enough of this garbage everywhere else in our lives? Can't I go to the one place where I can focus on my athletic goals and sports hobby without being inundated with politics!?  For the love of Merckx, STOP!


Mt. Kenya

In my experience, politics is the last thing that comes up on a training ride.  Plus, it's easy to dodge it by going faster/slower...LOL!


That what I thought too until it did.  Broke up the entire group with political BS that no one wanted to listen to. 

Mt. Kenya

On the other hand you spend a lot of time with training partners talking about all aspects of life.  It's nice to know you are not going to be hit with "stolen elections" and "fake news" when out on a 70 miler, it's that's not your thing.

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