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Garmin66i/Strava probs (again most likely !!)

Mt. Kenya

Hi guys. So a few months ago, I bought a used 66i Garmin. I bought it really to get me through a night section of a 100 mile walking event. I used it a few times before hand to get used to it BUT in probably 4 out of the 10 times I have used the device, when downloaded to Strava, the mileage shows quite a bit less than the distance I have actually walked. The frustrating thing about my walk at weekend was that it was a one off for me and whilst the Garmin still shows I did 102 miles, when downloaded to Strava its only showing 60 miles (ie a long long way short). I am lead to beleive this is a know "glitch between Strava and Garmin so apologies if this has been bought up on here before. Why does this happen and can anything be done about the problem on my next walk ??



I've seen other posts with the same/similar issue, e.g.

It seems to be an issue on Strava's end. The solution I suggested in that thread which seemed to work is to manually upload the activity until the problem can be resolved. Obviously that's really inconvenient so I'd also open a support ticket with Strava to try and get it resolved quickly

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