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Getting in the Zone

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Normally when you think about a task or goal while you're performing it, time feels like you are moving in slow motion.

I can't speak for everyone, but when I think about the daunting hill I have to run up just to get back home, it feels like my legs have weights attached to them. To conquer that mindset I know I have to get into a zone.

You know the zone right? That feeling you get when you are pretty much on autopilot. Your body and mind are in sync and the thought of stopping doesn't exist.

Some people need complete silence while others need their favorite song on their playlist to come on in order to get into a zone. I personally listen to audiobooks to occupy my mind while my body moves on its own.

What about you? What method do you use to get into the zone while you're active?



STRAVA | Community Hub Team



Oh man, do I know the feeling of running with lead weights - sometimes my feet feel like concrete and my legs are made of wood.  For me, it is all about mind games.  If I'm on a run, I play games with myself, like "ok, just run to that mailbox, then if you can't run more, walk"... then I get to the mailbox and tell myself "ok, now just to that 2nd lamp post, then walk".  Before I know it, I have coaxed myself into running longer - and by making 'micro goals' I often end up running faster and further.

If I'm riding my bike, sometimes the hills seem longer and steeper than normal - I just picture myself cruising down the hill after, telling myself that the short term burning in my legs will be worth it once I'm on the downhill... maybe invoke Jens Voigt and tell my legs to shut up :). Before I know it, I'm over the hill, flying down the other side, and then the miles start to roll by.

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