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Have you joined the newest walking challenge?


Make your steps count extra this month! To celebrate and honor International Women's Day on March 8 (and all month long), Strava has partnered with the Hot Girl Walk™ creator, Mia Lind, to raise funds to benefit global initiatives.

Hot Girl Walk United – is a global challenge to commit more time to movement. The Hot Girl Walk is a 4-mile, outdoor walk that builds confidence through movement, serving as a dedicated time for self-reflection. For every completed challenge, Strava will donate $4 (up to $250,000) to GRLS and the ONSIDE Fund. 

Why is this important?

Studies show that the vast majority of active women aged 25-39 say working out is as important for their mental health as well as their physical health; however, due to external factors, women spend less time being active than men. 

Strava wants to help change that with the Strive for More commitment. Over the next 3 years we are investing $1 million to help more women be active.


How do I get involved? 

  • Join the Hot Girl Walk United global challenge and official club for extra motivation
  • Make sure your walk is filled with the best sights. 
  • Create a route or find one near you. 
  • Qualifying activities are walk, hike, snowshoe, wheelchair and handcycle.
  • Share your Hot Girl Walk photos with us on social with #StravaHotGirlWalk

Can I go along to an IRL event?

Mia Lind hosted a Hot Girl Walk in NYC with Strava for International Women's Day as a kick-off to the Hot Girl Walk United Challenge. Check out some photos from Instagram here.

Stay tuned for more events by the Hot Girl Walk Club to participate in the future!

Can I track my steps?

We got you covered. 

You can now track and see how many steps you rack up on your walks with our latest Strava update.

Read more articles authored by women who walk in our Insider Journal:

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More than 56,000 active participants from around the world have joined forces to get their walk on. 

Let us know if you joined the challenge and if you've already completed your 4 mile walk in the comments!

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