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Hello fellow sportsmen and sportswomen

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I'd like to say hello - as suggested when I first read about this hub. 

My name is Dustin, I'm located in western Europe and am sort of addicted to all kind of sporty activities. I mostly cycle, though. 

Three weeks ago I started running for the first time in my life and sort of like it. So I added swimming to my weekly routine and started to prepare training to compete in a triathlon next year. 

Gladly looking forward to discussions with you guys and gals. 



I share the FOMO when I'm training indoors knowing that I could be outdoors, but weight lifting is not a terrible thing on a terribly cold, rainy day. The cargo bike idea for the cycling part sounds interesting to me (fill it up with all the snacks, haha), I'm assuming you've dropped that thought and will opt for a lighter bike instead. 
It looks like you're confident in your cycling abilities and that the swimming training seems to be going smoothly, please keep us updated on your progress and let us know how it goes on the big day! Wishing you the best of luck in your athletic journey 💪


Hi Dustin, welcome to the Community! It's funny how starting one activity can facilitate getting into all other sorts of sports. I mainly cycle, but go on the occasional run, too. Hiking and weight lifting are other favorites. Swimming, on the other hand, has always made me feel like the least fit person ever and I resemble a miserable drowning pigeon 😂 so kudos to you for taking that up and having a triathlon in your 2023 goals! Do you already have a specific one in mind?

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Kudos for the weight lifting. Never could motivate myself to go the gym and even functional strength training feels wrong to me since I'm not outside and exploring nature during that time. 

I'm planning to participate in Hamburg and go for the sprint distance. This might sound ridiculous on a sport hub like this, but I do want to achieve this, even if I will most likely not find the time for proper training in all three disciplines. 

20km cycling won't be a challenge at all (Since this is going to be my first triathlon and I don't think that the results will be groundbreaking compared to experienced athletes I considered doing the 20 k on my cargo bike for a moment :D). Concerning the swimming I'm noticing very quick improvements. The Achilles' heel remains the running. Otherwise - midterm speaking - I'm targeting for the olympic distance, but time will tell. 

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