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Hi from Scotland... With a couple of questions.

Mt. Kenya

Hi community. It'll be interesting to see how this develops in the coming months.

It does seem strange that we have to have a new username and avatar. Why can't we just log into the community using our Strava profile?

Will we eventually be able to add custom avatars? They usually stand out more, and you get to pick out people by their avatar rather than a name. I see some people already have them. Do we have to earn the ability or something?

Custom signatures? Will that be a thing eventually?

Thanks, and good luck.




I thought Eve just said you could have HTML, I just added a simple bold name below



Strava Alumni

Thanks @ShaunTheDiver  and welcome to our community. 

Happy to help with your questions and feedback on what you've found so far:

  1. Avatars from Strava - correct, your Strava profile photo is not shared with this site. We want to ensure that we respect your privacy when it comes to setting up a profile in a public forum so therefore we have left it up to you to choose whether to use the same avatar or a different one. As a new member you didn't initially have permissions to change it but you have those permissions now and can find the option to choose one of our standard avatars or upload your own 

  2. Username - this site has slightly different settings when it comes to username. It needs to be unique, no longer than 15 characters and can only contain these special characters: - (hyphen) _ (underscore) . (stop/period) so we have made this blank for you to choose. If your Strava username fits the criteria and you want to re-use it here then you can. 
  3. Signatures - you do have permission to add a range of HTML tags in your signature. If you can share more about what html tags you are trying to add and having an issue with then I can help troubleshoot this further for you. 

Hope this is helpful. 


STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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Mt. Kenya

Follow up to my original post, seeing as I can't edit it...

Found the signatures bit in my settings > personal information. Disappointing that it's just a text box with no option to have HTML or images. 😐

@ShaunTheDiver , I totally agree and just created a suggestion for it: 

also a related issue: 

They want feedback so spread the word!

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