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Do you prefer exercising in the heat or cold? I'd pick the heat any day. I'm simply not a fan of freezing my fingers, toes, nose and eyeballs off. How about you?

Comment below if you prefer being 🌞 = hot or ❄️ = cold.


digital image of a thermometer between a flame and a snowflakedigital image of a thermometer between a flame and a snowflake





Depends on how hot or how cold.  If it's +40 and so humid you can't breathe count me out.  If it's -40 I might stay in, anywhere inbetween and I'm golden.

are we talking Celsius or Fahrenheit? High humidity makes you feel like you're breathing in water 😫


I definitely prefer the cooler weather. Granted, I live in LA so my definition of “cool” would be the mid 60’s. I don’t mind the heat too much either as it helps with the heat acclimation

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Hi @therunningryan - I'm with you 100%, except my definition of "cool" is 50ish for running and 70ish for cycling (that's Fahrenheit of course).  IMHO warm weather is better suited for patios and beer.  

Jane (she/her)
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❄️ cold every time for me, once I get moving, I will heat up.  I don't like hot/humid conditions (maybe growing up in Canada accounts for this).  One thing I don't like though - starting in the rain... it can rain after I have started my activity, but if it is already raining, then count me out 😀

I heat up too, but if the temps drop too much no amount of movement can account for the numbness in my fingers and toes and it becomes unbearable 😣 
I find rain to be unpleasant mainly because of how dirty everything gets. I do love a summer shower though! Rain + cold = awfully unpleasant. Rain + heat = wonderful... unless it's brutally humid, haha. Which part of Canada did you grow up in? 

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